Sick of Politics?

When you’re in the middle of an election season, one thing you start to hear a lot of is “oh, I’m just so sick of politics” or “I just wish it was over with” or other similar phrases. On the one hand I totally get it – I don’t even particularly like talking politics, and outside of this election cycle, I usually don’t – but on the other hand I kind of want to tell all these people to lighten the fuck up.

Hard to do if you’re a fan of Hillary Clinton, I guess, unless you can get over the fact that there’s really not much to do with her but to make fun of her. And what’s sad is, that’s really the nicest way you could approach talking about her. The more serious you get, the more in depth you get with her track record, the more it sinks in just what a bad, inept candidate she is.

And if that offends you, you’re one of those people I’m talking about. Chill the fuck out. I think I’ve got to hear a lot worse from critics of the guy I’m pulling for, comments about his hair, his skin tone, his horrible, terrible, how his kids are evil little minions, and most of it’s unjustified. There’s some of that kind of tabloid level shit talking for Clinton too, no doubt, but not as much.

It’s not as irritating for her fans either imo, simply because in her case almost all of it has a legitimate basis in reality. Look into her and pretty much all you’re going to find are the things she’s (rightfully) criticized for and the clumsy politicking she’s mocked for. Do the same with Trump, and you find plenty you can poke fun at, but all of it’s in spite of (or at the very least, in addition to) the massive success he’s achieved.

The mockery is just as bad if not worse, even though he’s actually got some tangible achievements to point to, a real track record of delivering the goods, and iconic properties and branding to brag about. See the difference? And yet the mockery mostly doesn’t bother me. If I can shrug off the shit that’s thrown his way, a lot of which is arguably not deserved, you can get over the less pleasant things said about someone you happen to like.

Especially if it’s Clinton. With that lying, crooked career politician, the criticisms and the mockery are only going to continue getting worse, in large part by her own hand. It doesn’t help your cause (or your campaign) when you “short circuit” constantly and always have to come up with ridiculous excuses for the latest gaffe. The term she used is an example in itself.

Now, thanks to her own choice of words, her opponents are going to have a nifty little dig to throw at her every time she misspeaks or flip flops. She gave that to ’em, and I doubt I’m the only one that ‘s amused. I can’t quite figure out how someone who has been in the political realm for so many decades could be so regularly stupid in messaging, wording, or branding.

Maybe it’s just that the Clinton brand is so tarnished with scandals already that no matter what she says, it’s going to end up turning in on itself and hurting her supposed viability as a candidate.

Anyways, the point is, if you’re rooting for this person or that person and you get bent out of shape every time someone throws around disparaging or demeaning rhetoric about them, lighten the fuck up. If I can put up with some of the shit people talk about Trump, you can certainty put up with (or ignore) the shit talking people might do about a candidate you favor.

Especially if your preferred candidate is less of an immediate threat to the political establishment in Washington and, consequently, getting a lot less shit thrown his or her way.


3 thoughts on “Sick of Politics?

  1. The choice comes down to the power of picking any replacement for the Supreme Court. No one does what they promise or speak about because government doesn’t cooperate – there are too many litigators and greedy, power-hungry people period. I don’t believe in either of them. His understanding that self determination for a woman is punishable by law if I don’t do what his beliefs tell me to do is not acceptable to me. I’m pretty sure that most men don’t , or can’t understand the yoke of government or religion their own procreation choices. Those types of men and women haven’t evolved enough, imo. It is clear that I must vote for Hillary on that alone. Say whatever you want. it has no negative impact on me or my views. This election is both great because of the freedom to have an election but it is also a sad representative of the degeneration of quality in our political system.

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    • “His understanding that self determination for a woman is punishable by law if I don’t do what his beliefs tell me to do is not acceptable to me.”

      Just so you know, he never said any such thing. In an interview, he was gien a hypothetical “if abortion were illegal, then do you think…” His answer, if you look at the context, only tells you that if something is against the law, those who break that law should be penalized. He never said that abortion (a woman’s right to choose) should be against the law. You could claim his position (pro life) implies that, and with most Republicans you’d probably be right, but that he doesn’t believe in abortion just means he doesn’t believe in doing it. From my understanding though, he doesn’t have any particular interest in imposing that belief on anyone. Even if he recognizes and acknowledges that some of his supporters *do* feel that way, that doesn’t mean he does.

      And as far as the Supreme Court goes, Clinton is on record as saying that if she could ban handguns, she would. Her Supreme Court picks would almost definitely reflect that sentiment, and our second amendment is far to important to compromise like that. If the right to choose is challenged, advocates of it can challenge back. Not so much when it comes to the right to bear arms, not unless you want things taking a violent turn in the next decade or two.

      “This election is both great because of the freedom to have an election but it is also a sad representative of the degeneration of quality in our political system.”

      With Trump in the mix, I tend to feel exactly the opposite. Clinton definitely represents a degenerating and worsening system. Trump, on the other hand, has had some influence behind the scenes, but it’s mostly been confined to his own concerns (relatively small scale, given that little of what he might have wanted to influence over the years would have a negative effect on large swaths of the population). By and large, he represents an outsider of that system, of a more efficient and pragmatic nature than anyone said system could hope to produce (as evidence by Clinton being the establishment, insider, “experienced” candidate).

      “It is clear that I must vote for Hillary on that alone. Say whatever you want. it has no negative impact on me or my views.”

      *shrugs* I can say the same, but then why comment on my blog? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, I really don’t mind being exposed to opinions that are different than my own, but I’m just curious what point you see to it when you (ought to) know you’re probably not going to change my mind anyways? Is it just to express your reaction to my opinion? If so, that’s a good enough answer for me, but like I said, I’m just asking cause I’m curious 🙂 .

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      • Yes, I just expressed my opinion on the 2 choices I have for President in the context of a polarizing issue that truly disturbs me with it’s very existence. The thought wasn’t an attempt to change your mind. I don’t have the stamina or solid oppositional power to do that Jack. I’d have to use heavy hallucinogenics and deep, deep fascinating lies. haha This platform and specific blog post isn’t a place for my thoughts on this. I would only hope that you might see this old power play of a topic as a right of self determination, even if it’s only for a minute but I have no expectations.
        I heard him and I did watch it and yes it was a hypothetical painting him into a corner but he did speak his own truth which, however you untangle the interview, you get that his thought is that the hypothetical woman should be punished. He has his right to believe what he believes but as a candidate, he puts his beliefs out there for us to see and choose him. Gun control is a similar polarizing issue. I was just speaking to the one that governs my body – my very body and my life if I was legally forced to be a mother to another human.
        I could have said that the fact that Trump didn’t defend the hypothetical choice as a woman’s choice and not a state or nation’s choice to punish or not coupled with possible Supreme Court appointments coming, is why I can’t vote for him.
        Honestly, I shouldn’t have commented about that here but it’s a hot button for me and I felt I could comment because you will speak your mind, which I do like and appreciate.

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