Yes I Can

Some people say,ย “you can’t fight hatred with hatred.”


Yes I can.


14 thoughts on “Yes I Can

  1. Who are the great brains that say that? Just wondering so next time I come across a person that wants to stab me (has happened) I can give him a flower instead of punching his head in. Probably the flower will make the work and weยดll add a cupcake

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    • lol exactly. And maybe if that doesn’t work you can try cupcakes. I’d prefer to retaliate and defend myself, but some people (I guess) have weird moral qualms about that. I think I’d rather come out on top of something (or survive it, if it’s like your example) than worry about the finer points of what someone says is “right” or “wrong”.

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  2. Of course you can, but it doesn’t change anything. When you fight, for instance, a statement like, “You suck!” with “You suck too!” all you do is reinforce the belief (for each) that you both suck. If you fight “You suck!” with “You’re a lovely person,” you make them think. Wouldn’t you rather make people think? You’re a writer, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • It changes plenty. I don’t reinforce anything if I do that, I dismiss it, and I do it while expressing casual disdain. Whether I’m looking to make people think or not really just depends on my mood, but I certainly don’t have any automatic obligation to people to help them think, especially if I don’t even know them. Maybe my ability to effortlessly shrug off their “you suck!” will make them think too, as far as that goes. Point being, my reply to the idea of “you can’t fight hate with hate” is still “um… Yes I can.”

      Haha, nothing against you, and I get it if you have different preferences than me, but it doesn’t change my opinion that yes, contrary to conventional wisdom, I most certainly can. I appreciate the comment though, and always welcome different perspectives ๐Ÿ™‚ .


      • Not to be argumentative, but the point is, dismissing it doesn’t fight it. At least not in the spirit of fighting something to end it.
        For instance, the fight against world hunger means to end it. Right?
        Fighting hate with hate doesn’t fight the war. It just wins the battle.
        Anyway, I’ve always thought of the suggestion that you can’t fight hate with hate in a broader sense.
        As you say, different perspectives. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • You’re not being argumentative so much as nitpicky, and it still doesn’t change my position. I don’t fight world hunger, because I think it’s a stupid, pie in the sky cause.

        Fighting hate with hate won WWII, and winning any war means winning battle after battle, so… not sure where that’s supposed to go either. If you “just win the battle” that’s what you need to do, and doing it doesn’t somehow preclude you from winning the next battle nor does it prevent you from operating with foresight or strategy.

        I’d prefer to keep it in specifics rather than abstracts, but I can look at it in a broader sense pretty easily too, and even in that light I still say you can fight hate with hate just fine.


    • Yeah, but that just means it’s a war of attrition, so to speak. Might makes right to a very large degree. The only “downside” to my outlook that I can see is it means I’m on the line to either win or lose. That’s fine by me though, because I like to win haha. For me, that quote (in part) means fighting fire with fire. If someone takes a swing at me, whether it’s metaphorically or literally, it’s just in my nature to swing back. I’ve had people tell me that doesn’t work, but my own experience tells me otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. “… vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!”

    I used to be a great believer of fight hate with love kind of thing, be nice, nice, nice because it doesn’t cost a thing… well, it actually does cost by being nice all the time in return to hate received. I *am* nice when I am being nice to. Nice is the default. If I receive hate, I refuse to lie down and just take it and say back compliments- I refuse to be ‘beaten down’ and collect sh*t to eat away at my mentality because I was too nice to fight for myself. Haters don’t understand kindness, nor do they give Fanny Adams about me being nice back to them. – very personal level now, but the topic is quite wide ๐Ÿ™‚

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