Totalitarian Kalifornia

A lot of Hitler comparisons have been made over the last year, but if you want to see what fascist tendencies look like take a good look at California. Governor Jerry Brown decided to raise the legal smoking age to 21, without a vote, without anything but his signature, and it applies to people who are already 18 and could legally buy cigarettes. Now that the law is in effect, they’re not grandfathered in like they (at the very least) ought to be. It’s illegal for them to buy cigarettes.

Taxes have already been raised a lot over the last few years too, and he would like to raise those taxes even more. I heard rumors about an additional $2.00 tax per pack a while back, but it seems like that’s going to a vote, so that’s better than him just signing it in, but… here’s the thing: I’m already paying two dollars more for each pack than I was when I started smoking, so why should I have to pay even more? Because he doesn’t think it’s good for me? It’s not his call, it’s mine.

The sad thing is, I voted for this prick.

He got my vote, and now he thinks he knows better than me how to handle my own health.

More recently than the tobacco legislation, he signed 6 gun bills into law. None of which were voted on by the citizens of California, and none of which would have prevented any of the recent shootings. And you know… it’s not even necessarily the man himself I have a problem with.

The problem is that public officials have the power and authority to sign things like this into law without a vote. What I take issue with the most is the way our political and legislative system is currently set up. I take issue with that more than with any particular politician or party.


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