Blogging & Writing

Blogging is a lot easier than writing. At least in terms of productivity, instant gratification, and license to write with a lot less grace. I often fail to do this, but when I just tap at the keyboard, say whatever I want to say, and then post it… that’s when I’m usually the most satisfied here. When I don’t bother thinking too much about what I wrote before putting it on display. What I usually do instead? I save it as a draft. What can I say…

I’m not perfect.

It’s messy or incomplete so I tuck it away for later and I periodically come back to it.

Sometimes I add to it, cut out the parts I can’t stand, or rewrite the whole thing (in a very round about way). I don’t like that process as much though because more often than not it feels processed, manufactured. Maybe people reading a polished up post don’t notice so much, but I’ll tell you what… I’m almost ashamed at how many times I’ve revisited some of my posts here before publishing them. I mean for christs sake, it’s a blog not a novel.

My natural tendency not just for perfection but for calculation, and (dare I say it?) my good taste can really trip me up. That’s not going to happen with this post because I’m hitting the “publish” button after I’m done with it. It can be a little clumsy, a little out of tune, because I’d rather it be out there than tucked away in the prison of my draft folder for some indefinite sentence that may or may not become permanent.

Otherwise… what’s the point of a blog? I didn’t mean for it to become more of a focus for me than my fiction blog, but even when I’m actually working on stories it’s not all that different, because the fact is blogging doesn’t require as much. It’s a different animal. Even if I’m wrong in saying that it’s “easier”… I’d bet you can write a post for a “blogging” blog in less time than it takes to write a piece of flash fiction or a short story. Usually.

I suppose that I’m making a liar of myself to some extent because I’ve written some of my favorite fictional writings in no time at all, inspired as I was in the moment. The over-processed feel can still effect a story though, if it’s been touched up and reworked because of a worried, insecure, or over-analytical mind. But in spite of that I’d still say they’re very different. I try to take a relatively casual approach with both, but blogging and writing just aren’t the same.

Saying they are is like saying a radio show is the same as an audio book.

You can make the argument, but a radio show is probably a lot more casual, a lot less focused, and more open to spontaneity. A book, on the other hand, has an ending set in stone, one the whole story leads up to, one that it’s built around to some extent. Good ones are made to look like they haven’t been heavily processed, manufactured, or commercialized, but they probably wouldn’t be on the shelf unless they had been.

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(Originally published on May 23rd, 2014)


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