Writing & Blogging (Pt. 2)

Blogging is casual, social, and far more in the moment than writing a story. At least that’s how I like it to be. I do have my hang ups sometimes, my (more than occasional) inability to pull the trigger and hit ‘publish’, and sometimes I even do a fair amount of rewriting and editing on my posts before (as well as after) deciding they’re ‘ready’ to be published here, but the degree of scrutiny, the ‘standard’ I guess, is different between the two. Most of the time, anyways.

My writing has a messy process too – usually accompanied by messy results – and I’m not looking for perfection in my fiction any more than I look for it here… but here I’m just writing posts. The kind of things I tend to talk about here are easier to get across and convey then the events or people in any given story. Or at least it seems that way. They’re based on experiences, thoughts, trial and error, and other things of the like, whereas a story grows out of imagination.

The ties to my reality are a little hazier, harder to see, that is, if you can see them at all.

Even the most reality based of stories should, in a sense, be divorced from actual reality and from the person telling the story. If I recounted something that happened to me one day as a story, I would not claim it as my day. I would have nothing to do with the experiences or occurrences of the story, no matter how alike they were to my own real experiences. Those would belong to the character in the story, and his relationship to me should be hazy. I believe that’s for the best.

Going back to the first post I wrote on this, I mentioned a blogger that has talked about this before on his own sites; at least I think he posted about it on both. Either way, I know he said something about it on at least one of them. While I was writing this out I dug around over there and found the original post, but sadly it now seems to be gone. It was worth reading, if only to get you thinking about your own understanding and how you approach blogging (versus writing)…

As it is though, I guess you’ll have to settle for a suggestion from me.

Think about what a blog is to you, what you consider “blogging”, think about whether that’s actually your thing. Same for writing. Not to plan it out, but to generate ideas, definitions, and to play with them.  Like that guy Emerson said, Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” And the way I see it, if it applies to life in general, you can bet your ass it applies to writing (and blogging) too.

(See Pt. 1: Writing & Blogging)


11 thoughts on “Writing & Blogging (Pt. 2)

  1. The entire process of writing and/or blogging is an experiment in itself to me. Whether you are writing a story or a blog it is still just you coming up with stuff. The difference might be of how much convincing you have to do or how many examples you should include for it to make sense, but the origin is still the same.
    I have a feel I might be commenting on your posts more frequently… Hah.

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    • Haha, feel free to comment as much as you like 🙂 . That’s one of the reasons I like posting as often as possible – I don’t always manage to post as much as I’d like, but my preference if high volume. Because a) the more experimentation the better, and b) regularly experimenting with something equals practicing something. Even if I suck, the more I do it the better at it I tend to get.

      lol of course if I keep on writing in that vein it’ll turn into a whole post in itself; in any case, I’m glad you liked this one 😀 .


    • I think we all have trouble coming up with ideas at times. I don’t know where those ideas come from, but somehow they do. As for commenting, every one of us enjoys comments from our readers. Come on over to my site and see if you find anything of interest. (Hint, hint – and thank you, Jack, for allowing this self-promotional comment. 🙂 I owe you a post on this site as soon as I can think of the right subject matter.)

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  2. I started blogging to hone my skills. In several respects it’s served that purpose. I have had the chance to vary the style of my writing and experiment with different genres. Trouble is I think I’m concentrating more on the blog posts and less on the things I want to publish, you know? It gets a little addicting…

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    • Yeah, I know how that goes for sure. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me though; the way I look at it, the more I expand my reach, the better it is for what I publish; I sometimes reblog my fiction here just so it gets a little more exposure, and so people who like my writing here can get a glimpse of my other stuff, just in case they might like the stories & fiction too. If that means most of my reach is here (for the time being), I’m okay with that. For now at least. I mean… it *does* bother me a little bit – I don’t just “get” what you’re saying, I identify with it, if that makes any sense. But I try to look at it this way too: if it ever starts to bother me too much, I think I can switch gears and focus more on my fiction writing. Haha, at least that’s what I tell myself… although it dos occur to me that what I just said is a long winded version of the addict trope, the cliche line of “I’m not addicted! I can quit ANYTIME I want to!”

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