Even Muses Shit

In case anyone is interested, I posted that Stephen King quote a few posts back for two reasons. One, I just finished reading Skeleton Crew, one of King’s collections of short stories. Two, it’s a delightful way of describing what happened to me the other day, the day before I got to that line in the closing notes of the book. He was talking about The Mist, one of his better mini stories.

I liked that he had notes on that to begin with ’cause I thought the story itself was fucking awesome, but the notes were just as cool for me in their own way. I started reading about how he got the idea, flipped to the next page to finish with that little blurb, and he hit me with that line. I couldn’t help but feel like “goddamn, ain’t that a perfect way of saying it”. Appropriately crass for something so many people try to put in elegant, clever sounding terms.

I guess that’s what really caught my eye.

The vulgar insertion of shit as a figure of speech for what muses do to people. So at odds with what people probably expecting. I don’t know, I guess I just find that a little endearing, at least in that context. Anyways, I liked it just in general, but that’s also what it felt like the other day. I was sitting and reading the second to last story when my muse shat on my head. Most of it wasn’t even a knew idea, just a sort of coming together of a bunch of ideas for one story.

If you’re a fan of Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll, the tv show with Denis Leary playing Johnny Rock, and especially if you like the message of their theme song, you might like the fictional ascension that’s been burning a hole through my fucking head for the past few days. Most of it’s been there a while anyways, but the heat of it was ramped up. Like a magnifying glass bringing sun’s heat into focus… that’s how it was, because a lot of key starting points suddenly snapped into focus.

With no warning. Same damn way King described it when his muse took a shit on his head.

So anyways, assuming that sounds like the sort of story you might be interested in, you might want to keep an eye on Sparks of Insanity over the next month or two. No promises, but something under the title Anonymous is bound to pop up there sometime soon.


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