Flashing Strangers

When you get to know someone, it gets harder to expose yourself to them. Strangers, you can flash ’em and run. You have emotional distance. You can stand in front of them naked easier than you can in front of your brother, sister, father, mother. To clarify things a little, I’m not really talking about flashing people. I’ve never done it and wouldn’t know the first thing about it.

It’s just this new snippet of a Marilyn Manson song (Killing Strangers) got me thinking about writers. How they, we, seem to have such an easy time showing our hearts and minds to strangers. Flashing them with every post, little samples of soul. Hoping they’ll want more, but not terribly hurt if they don’t. After all, they’re strangers, so who cares if they don’t like what they see.

Family and friends though…

What would they think, you know?… what would they think if they could see it all.

What if the ones closest to you got a look into the depths of your soul, and they ran? That little fear is probably still alive somewhere inside even the most transparent and open of us. In that sense, the man (or woman) walking down the street in nothing but a trench coat, waiting for the next opportunity, the next victim to expose themselves to, is a fitting symbol of the writer.

A symbol of any shy artist, actually. The best of us? The massively successful bloggers, the bestselling authors? They’re more like strippers and porn stars. So, I just sexualized writing.

You’re welcome 😉 .

(Originally published on October 27th, 2014)


13 thoughts on “Flashing Strangers

  1. That’s pretty much spot on. (Not sure about the stripper reference, though. Haha!) A lot of us have always communicated better in writing which is why blogs or books are the best forms of expression. And it is always easier to put it out there for the masses rather than someone whose opinion I value. 🙂

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    • Haha, I know but I couldn’t help myself. What, with the image in my head of a guy in a trench coat trolling the streets I couldn’t help but follow that line of thought to, “okay, now what’s the successful, well paid version of it?” Thanks for commenting 🙂 .


  2. Liking the analogy, and in a lot of ways it’s true, but there’s one very important way it’s ever-so-subtly different; most of us, despite hiding our writing in some ways from those closest to us, secretly (or not so secretly) want those close people to read it and glee over it and tell us how great we are for doing it.

    The same cannot be said for porn stars and strippers. At least, I hope not. XD

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    • lol If I were a porn star, I’d probably be cool with it. You know, as long as they were into the flick overall, or my co-star. I think that would maybe only be different if the family or friends were a little to pervy to begin with, or if the pron star in question experiences a bunch of shame over their profession. A lot of them seem to love it though, so idk.

      Personally, I think I’m just too shy for porn anyways, haha.

      In any case though, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 . There’s probably more than a few exceptions, and porn might be one of them, but I got a kick out of making the comparison 😀 .

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