Suicide Squad

I went to see Suicide Squad with my cousin last week, and let me just say right off the bat, it’s
not a bad movie. Maybe it’s not as epic as The Dark Knight was but that doesn’t make it bad.

A lot of people are complaining they didn’t get to see enough of the Joker, and that the previews were misleading. I sympathize with the people who are bitching about the false advertising, but only to a point. I mean… let me ask you this: was the Joker a member of the Squad? No.

Did most of us know this before seeing it? Yes.

So shut the fuck up about him not being in it enough. You knew he wasn’t going to be.

Or if you didn’t know, you should have.

I’m not going to be an apologist for this flick either, I’m just saying, don’t act like they led you on with those Leto heavy commercials. Words was out with the critics (the reviewers, not the whiners) before it ever came out. There were reviews uploaded to youtube before it was even released.

There was plenty of buzz that had it trending for various reasons (critic opinions vs. casual viewer opinion, Jared Leto’s make up, etc.) on Twitter and Facebook before it even hit theaters. And after. Okay? Okay. So that’s not a legit reason to hate on it. Not in my book anyways.

You can’t compare it to The Dark Knight either. Just because Ledger and Leto both played the Joker doesn’t make the comparison valid. They’re in such completely different films that comparing them, or the movies they were each in, is kind of a fucking joke in and of itself.

Nolan’s movies were all somewhat dark, gritty, serious. They had visceral conceptual depth.

Between the vision and the beautiful execution of that vision, it was a fucking epic trilogy, with the 2nd installment being a huge stand out. The 1st and 3rd movies were good. They were all an impressively fresh take on a tired ass franchise that you’d think would’ve worn out by now.

The 2nd one was fucking great.

None of that has any relation to the new movie. Suicide Squad was not a remake, was not a Batman (or Joker) movie, and went for a completely unique atmosphere and attitude. Comparing them is like comparing a dildo to a chainsaw and complaining that the dildo doesn’t cut as well.

Or if you’re a sucker for the classic analogies, it’d be like comparing apples to oranges. Whatever, same difference. The bottom line is, measuring one against the other is just stupid. Suicide Squad had completely unique themes, too. Instead of chaos versus order, it was nothing can kill love.

Even if you’re one of the “bad guys,” love endures.

That angle caught me a little off guard, and I liked it because of that. It surprised me. Another one that’s less spelled out: sometimes being who you truly are means being the bad guy; it’s worth it. Or is anyone who saw that really going to tell me Harley Quinn wasn’t awesome?

Rhetorical question; she was rad, and so was the Joker. If you don’t think so, bite me. 😛

If I had to Rate It…

I’d probably give it like an 8 out of 10. It wasn’t crazy good, but it was fun enough, playful enough, epic enough in its own way that I’ll probably buy the DVD so I can rewatch. Would I recommend? Fuck yes. It’s good enough to deserve a chance. A viewing, so you can judge it for yourself.

Before you write it off, watch it.


If you hate it after seeing it, I get it, but it’s worth risking $8 on a ticket to find out whether it’s your kind of flick. See, that’s the thing of it right there. If you don’t like it, you probably don’t like anything in the style this movie drips with, but that’s a matter of taste, not a failing of the movie.

They achieved the story and the feel they were going for, imo anyways.

(Btw, just so we’re clear, The Dark Knight is the Chainsaw and Suicide Squad is the Dildo. Tell me that analogy doesn’t fit like a fucking glove. Or a condom. I know, I know, now I’m taking it too far. But hey, what can I say, sometimes I just can’t help myself.)


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