Tweets on #WheresHillary?

I noticed the a couple days ago that the hashtag #WheresHillary was trending, following
Donald Trump’s visit to Baton Rouge, and figured I’d chime in with my own 2 cents.

After that, and after replying to 4 or 5 tweets criticizing Trump under that trend (and the one that popped up a day later (#WheresTrump), which trended for under a day), I noticed that people were replying to some of my tweets but blocking me beforehand so I wouldn’t know they replied.

You’re free to check out the conversation threads yourself if you want. I don’t think I said anything in the first tweet in this post or in my (perfectly civil) replies to other peoples tweets that would merit getting blocked, but the tweets speak for themselves so if anyone thinks I’m full of it, that I must have been acting like an asshole, then by all means check it out for yourself. Anyways…

My response to the #WheresTrump hashtag trending was pretty straightforward:

More than half of the tweets were actually Trump supporters by the time I looked that one over, pointing out that he was in Louisiana handing out the 70,000 pounds of supplies he donated to flood victims (something most news reports conveniently omit), or that he had just finished there and was queued up and ready to go for another rally or press conference.

The latter tweets usually included a resurgent #WheresHillary tagline like mine.

#WheresTrump might have been a half assed, fairly weak attempt to retaliate for the #WheresHillary trend, or it was just a continuation of #WheresHillary (I’m not actually sure which one, personally), but either way, the Hillary trend went strong for a day and a half at the top of the trending list, and for a while it was the highest trending tag in the United States.

The Trump tag, in contrast, started in the bottom two or three trending items, worked it’s way up to 2nd or 3rd place for maybe ten minutes, went back down to where it started, and altogether it only lasted for about half a day. So… if anyone wants to keep score, the Trump fans won this one.

Especially if you figure a lot of the #WheresTrump tweets were from Trump supporters responding to critics and high jacking the trend. Didn’t work out too well for Clinton fans. Oh and by the way, Trump himself had one of the best responses to the #WheresHillary hashtag while it was going:


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