Naming Favorites

Unless you’re looking for a really long answer, never ask me to name my favorite this or that

It’s very rare that I can single anything out as my “absolute favorite”. The one exception I always think of is Marilyn Manson, but even that has its limits. I like that guy for who he is, not just because of the sound of his music or the look of his watercolor paintings. There are probably other exceptions too, but they’re often temporary, and even with Manson I couldn’t pick a favorite song or a favorite album. Not without changing my answer from one day to the next.

I guess either I’m not very attached to the things I like, or I’m too attached to pick one thing over another and dub it “favorite”. I can rank things out, but… why bother? If I like something, I like it, and if I don’t… well, then I don’t. Playing the favorite game is a good way to kill time, sometimes.

That’s about it though. It’s about the same kind of entertainment as playing the slug bug game on the road, or the license plate or road sign games. Passes the time, but it’s pretty meaningless too.


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