Nothing to Correct

What I posted right before this was a quote about how ‘your birth is a mistake you’ll spend your whole life trying to correct’ which is a line written by the author of Fight Club. Brilliant writer.

I’ve always liked that quote personally, but here’s the thing: he’s describing what most people do. In that sense, I totally agree, the mediocre, the habitual ‘victims’, the whiners, the depressed, you name it. Almost everyone seems to think something is wrong with them and you know, I don’t think I’m even any different. That’s what I was going to say a moment ago, but really, I’m not.

What’s different, and what sets people apart with this idea of being flawed, being a mistake in one way or another, making mistakes, not being satisfied with who we are… it’s the approach.

It’s how we choose to handle it. I’m not going to say I’m any different, but I am going to say my approach to it is. The first part is right, most of us feel like our lives are something we need to continually improve on in the sense that we’re correcting it. And if not the entirety of your life, then there are at least elements of it, personal qualities, supposed shortcomings, and so on.

That’s a waste of time though.

Maybe my birth was a mistake, maybe I have plenty of things I’m not satisfied with, but I’m not trying to correct any of it. That’d mean I thought there was something inherently wrong with it.

Being imperfect or even being a mistake isn’t automatically being wrong. It’s just being. And it’s a mistake (of the universe, or god, or whatever, depending on what you believe) we can all take advantage of instead of trying to correct it according to the way something or someone outside of us tells us it ought to be. After all, who they fuck are they to say what the right way might be?

No one’s an authority on the way your life ought to be lived except for you.

Don’t bother correcting the mistake; you’ll die soon enough anyways at some point, so it’ll all be over either way. Instead, capitalize on that ‘mistake’ and get as much out of it as you can.

That’s what I try for.

(Alt. Title: Capitalize On It)


2 thoughts on “Nothing to Correct

  1. My life is basically cleaning up the bullshit I’ve conditioned into. Bit after bit. Label after label. Slowly becoming me and not who they say I am. I really liked the line where you said being imperfect is just another state of being. Well. Stripping away labels is just another approach to improving… An approach I wanted to share in this comment, because the post resonated…

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