When it Turns to Ash

Setting yourself on fire always ends in ashes. I’ve said you should do exactly that, too; find what ignites you and let it burn you down to nothing. That doesn’t mean I’m blind to the less pleasant parts of that process though. It has an ending, an unavoidable ending, and…

The point isn’t to avoid that ending, it’s to start something new once you reach it.

At the moment when everything starts to feel likes it’s fake, like it’s not truly an expression of yourself, that’s when you can start fresh. The moment when it begins to feel like everything you’ve done up to that point has turned to ash. When it all loses it’s meaning.

That’s when I create some of my most original, powerful bits of writing.


9 thoughts on “When it Turns to Ash

  1. We only know the value of something when we lose it right? I created most of my writings throughout some of the lowest points in my life. So, I can kind of relate. Also that paragraph before the last line sounds like really good relationship advice, to me. Advice I wish I had been seeing more often back in the day (not so long ago, but still)…

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    • Loss and realizing the value of what’s gone is kind of part of it, although when writing this post I was thinking more of the liberating aspect of having lost it. Lost the spark for something, lost a filing cabinet of writings… it’s more about realizing how those things are all worthless. Or rather, only worth the ashes, the pile of spent rubble, one can rise up from. All of it having been shed; if not like a phoenix from the ashes, then like a snake shedding old, useless skin. Metaphorically, so many people (including me) try morbidly to hold onto that dead skin as if it’s still living, and what’s *actually* living gets smothered by the remains of what was, more and more as it builds up.

      Haha, as for that paragraph before the last line, I can see how it might apply to relationships, especially some of my own. That’s part of the beauty of all this… you can find or make parallels if you play with the words or relate to them a certain way, and… that’s living art. Someone hears what you said, reads what you’ve written, or with music, they hear a song, and people all have their own personalized interpretation. Makes it all the more interesting. Discovered (or created?) depths. Of course now I’m deep diving on something that’s relatively straightforward lol, so I think I’ll leave it at that.

      Suffice it to say… I’m glad it means something to you 😀 .

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  2. I relate to this so well. I think my highest points as a writer are when I am completely lost to what I’m writing about, start from scratch, and just write without any prior planning. The works I’ve been proudest of most are those I’ve put less thought in, ironically, but at the same time you could argue that that means those works are the ones that truly came from my heart.

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  3. Oh I agree with this. As a series writer, I am feeling this keenly. My other writing has taken a hard turn away from the novels’ universe. And I like it. A lot. Yet I feel like I need to finish the series, bring it to a conclusion before I move on. You think I should just shed that skin? 😉🐍

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    • lol maybe. Tbh, if you want my input I’d have to say it depends on how you feel about the series. You can always bring it to a close for now and come back to it later, so there’s that. Nice thing about doing that is, you can always come back to it and resurrect it. The only stories that end are the ones we decide have ended.

      Entirely up to you though 🙂 . Not sure I could really say which way to jump on that one.


      • There are two more books that would bring the series to a logical conclusion. I was actually thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year just to force me to write the next one. 😀 It’s likely to end up being shit that way though… And editing would mean basically rewriting. However, the series is slowly gaining a little momentum so it would be a shame to just drop it. On the other hand, I don’t want that to be the the thing that defines my writing. To pick up an audience based on that kind of work when i’m just about to delve into a whole other realm. Sorry I’m just kind of thinking out loud, here. I talk to myself an awful lot. Thanks for the listening ear.

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      • Oh I don’t mind, haha, feel free to think out loud as much as you like. Not sure if you saw the original, but I edited my last comment – it was just a reply off the top of my head, but idk, I thought it seemed like…. to many words for what I was trying to say.

        As far as blogging goes, I’ve had to think about what it means, picking up an audience with stuff that’s only going to be part of the stuff I talk about for a fairly short stint in the scheme of things, and that’s a little different, but I just decided I’ll deal with the turn over when the time comes. Trump (and politics) in general are polarizing, and I’ve probably lost a few dozen subscribers (at least) over voicing my opinions on all of that. There’s always kind of a trade off either way though, so I also get wanting to wait to pick up an audience based on the other realm, the other material.

        I guess… one of the things I’d consider too is that none of your past or present work has to define your writing. Like, say you continue with the series and for the readers who follow it, it starts to define your writing, starts to be that when someone thinks of your name they think of that series. I get not wanting to be tied down by it, but then the other part to consider is… that’s doing to be ash too at some point, so why not enjoy the warmth while it’s still burning, and discard it when and if it ever starts to define (as in smother) your writing overall.

        Not sure if any of that’s exactly useful but… yeah, that’s more or less my take. 😀

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