Way Too Serious

Up to about now, I’ve been a little unsure of how to fit the politics into my mind splatterings here. There’s where I’ve done myself a bit of a disservice. Uncertainty isn’t that big of a deal, and it’s not like I was uncertain of what I was saying. Just in how to say it, and whether or not to let it be such a strong or frequent element in the overall posting I do here.

Silly of me though.

Over thinking is something I talk shit about regularly, and this is a case of that. Rather than thinking about it so much – and being so tentative about just going with and augmenting the flow of wherever my heart and mind are naturally going at any give time – I probably should’ve just been doing it anyways. I think I was thinking too much about how it might be received.

I’ve been, I don’t know.. too careful, treated it to seriously. And that’s not to say it’s not a serious subject matter (a lot of what I happen to run my mouth about is serious shit) but my tone has felt uber serious compared to what I prefer tog o at things with. And it felt necessary given the subject matter, given my enthusiastic support of Trump and his policies, but it also felt ‘off kilter’ for me.

Not really the tone or attitude I prefer to talk about things with.

I prefer talking casually, hard and fast maybe, but loosely, recklessly…

Naturally, sincerely, off the cuff; not carefully, not even necessarily in a comprehensive way. I might be a high information voter and my opinions might be built on the high volume of info I try to take in when it comes to politics, but that doesn’t mean I have to go out of my way to present or display the depth or the foundations every little sound bite of an opinion I might have is based on.

If challenged, I can explain my reasoning, give examples of what I’m talking about, or whatever – provided I feel like it. But I’m not a journalist or anything so I don’t really see the point of going out of my way to meet a standard most “journalists” don’t even bother with any more. If you’re coming to this site for news anyways, you’ve already fucked up. I can give you opinions.

Not news.

This is not a news site. So while I have a bad habit of wanting to “show my work” it’s kind of like with math. If I can do the arithmetic in my head, writing out every step of the formula is just fucking tedious. As long as I get to the right answer, what’s the problem. Especially if, when challenged, I can easily write it out and show my work, if only to prove the reasoning is there.

Fact check me all you want, if you want, but I’m not going to double the amount of time and effort I’d have to put into a post to include it all here. I fact check shit as best I can anyways; citing sources and things like that, that’s just a form of showing my work. Thing is, I do the work of staying up on all this shit already, so conveying that (along with my opinions) isn’t a high priority.

The only reason to have a problem with that, really, is either because you come to me as a news source or because you just hate certain opinions along with anyone who has or expresses them. If it’s the former, like I said, you done fucked up already ’cause I’m not a reporter. I commentate, I free write my thoughts, I throw mind splatterings out into the virtual world of the internet.

If it’s the latter, if you just can’t stand some of the opinions I have, quit being such a bigot or go to a site more friendly to group think than mine. I take in as much info as I can, think for myself, and put my views out there for people who do the same to get exposed to. I don’t expect to think for them, or for you, I expect you to do that your fucking self. Even if you disagree with me.


6 thoughts on “Way Too Serious

  1. I know exactly what you mean about over thinking things and worrying how whatever I write may be received. I’m doing it now in fact as I just shared one of my posts on Facebook, which I rarely do anymore because of how wigged out that crowd gets over different opinions. I agree with you too on not having to put all the math behind your opinions on paper. I enjoyed the way you put that!

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 . I’ve been trying to put it into words for the last few days now and, well, finally arrived at that. lol FB is definitely iffy when it comes to opinions; never know what kind of reaction you’re going to get, especially if you post something on your profile instead of a page; never can tell what kind of reaction friends and family might have.

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    • That’s what I believe 😀 , disagreement and exposure to other opinions is always a good thing, arguably the whole point of free speech. I get irritated sometimes with people, like on Twitter; a fair amount of folks on that platform use the block feature freely at the first sign of someone not sharing their every opinion.

      But yeah, I don’t mind disagreements at all 🙂 .

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