#BLM Can Bite Me

Can’t help but roll my eyes at the rioting in North Carolina.

I swear…

The people who have been rioting in cities across the nation (and even the ones who were protesting peacefully earlier on) for the last year or two don’t have a legit reason for rioting and they’ve got nothing real to protest. Probably over 90% of the shootings they whine about were justified, scenarios in which I myself would have been shot too if I’d done what they did.

Not having a reason is fine with them though, apparently.

I don’t think they need or even want one, they just want to cause shit. You’ve got bleeding hearts – you know the type, always looking for a cause to fight for even if it’s stupid or has it’s basis in delusions, lies, and inaccuracies – and you’ve got hungry hearts, ready jump at the first excuse to loot & burn a city. Fucking ridiculous behavior, and all because of imaginary “systemic” racism.

Total bullshit.

What few shootings were bad weren’t motivated by racism, they were just fuck ups plain and simple, and while that may be bad or even tragic it is not criminal. Black lives matter activists need to just wake up to the reality that if you have a gun, point a gun at the cops, won’t follow a police officers orders, won’t show the cops your hands… you’re probably going to get shot.

It won’t be because you’re black either.

Me, I happen to be white and I guaran-fucking-tee I’d get shot too if I pulled that shit. What most of these incidents boil down to in terms of lessons learned: if you don’t want to get shot by the cops, then I don’t give a fuck what color your skin is, don’t give them a legitimate reason to see you as a threat. Don’t do something you should know full well might get your dumb ass shot.

Use common sense; if you’re stopped by a cop, comply with his or her orders.

Do that and 99.9% of the time you probably won’t get shot; it’s mostly up to you.

In fact that might have been a better title for this post… you know, something along the lines of “Want to Get Shot? Up To You” or “Getting Shot is a Choice” ’cause in reality, your behavior and your choices are usually the biggest factors in how your interactions with cops go down.


5 thoughts on “#BLM Can Bite Me

  1. I know all this BLM stuff is getting really old and literally getting people killed as the cops pull back on doing their jobs. Nobody waits to learn anything, they just automatically condemn the police as murderers and riot. That’s not going to win many people over.

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    • Exactly. And to me, even if they came across a case or two that was as bad as it could get as far as police brutality or something like that, I still don’t see how they justify riots; that, to me, would simply call for appropriate criminal charges for whichever officers are involved in the crime. Justice is having the perpetrator penalized, it isn’t wreaking havoc on the general public of a city, whether it be Ferguson or Baltimore or Milwaukee or Charleston… but yeah, just a long winded say of saying I agree. It’s getting really old, and fairly dangerous. 🙂

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