Catch a Break?


That’s life though.



2 thoughts on “Catch a Break?

    • True. More posts incoming regardless though 😉 . Life seems to forget sometimes, as long as I’m around it’s mine to do with what I want. People forget that sometimes… I forget that, but until I’m dead it’s all mine. Same things true for every other individual on the planet too, imo, and we each have in between the time of our births and the time of our deaths to make our mark on it and take ownership to the maximum of what we’re individually capable of. Deep thoughts for an awfully shallow post maybe, haha, but yeah, that’s where I’m coming from with this. Lot of shit hit my family over the last month or so and my reaction, aside from the internal rage anyways, has been more or less along the lines of “can’t catch a break? Fine, a lack of breaks isn’t going to break me though”. And it really hasn’t, so far at least. If anything it’s been driving me.

      That’s just not quite visible yet though, and in the meantime I’d rather post a short (and in retrospect, hilariously vague) bit about that than nothing at all. 🙂


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