Freedom Means Fighting

We aren’t handed assured freedom. That quote on freedom I just posted, that’s true of every generation.  We’re handed the freedom the previous generation managed to attain and preserve, but the more important element of freedom we inherit is the fight for it.

It is never safe, never assured, and each successive generation either loses ground or gains it. We aren’t handed freedom directly though, we’re handed the opportunity to continue the fight and pick up wherever those closest (in intellect and spirit, if nor in proximity) to us left off.

The fight is more important to hand down than the freedom itself though. Whatever our predecessors managed to gain, it’s more important that they teach the next generation to fight for their own freedoms than to complacently rely on the freedoms won by past generations.

Takeaway for the Reader

Stand up for yourself and your freedoms, ’cause no one else is going to do it for you.


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