Choices of the 2016 Election (Pt. 2)

(Short version of previous post – as shared on my Facebook page in October)


Anyone who acknowledges the rampant corruption in Washington D.C. has a clear and rare choice: Crooked Hillary Clinton, who will only offer more of the same, or Donald J. Trump, the billionaire, the pragmatist, the doer who has a proven track record of setting goals and getting results.

The choice of the 2016 election imo: a status quo of corruption or a collective attempt, led by Trump, to achieve greatness again. That’s essentially what it all boils down to.

Clinton is the exact same kind of bought and paid for stooge as all the other assholes Trump beat in the primaries, so for anyone dissatisfied with the political establishment and how nonchalantly they all disregard their constituents wishes, this election ought to be a no brainer.

(Original FB Post: October 20th)


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