Choices of the 2016 Election

Corruption vs. Greatness

(Unpublished Draft from October 23rd, 2016)

The newest breed of anti-Trump rhetoric from haters seems to be based entirely on the idea that neither candidate is worth a damn. I happen to disagree, and worth noting imo, most of the people I’ve seen saying this are voting Clinton, not Trump, and they’re just trying to justify why they’re still voting for Clinton. I haven’t seen or talked to very many Trump supporters who think this election cycle has presented us with a shit choice, which says to me that people backing him are enthusiastic, and all the abuse they get for being outspoken about their support of him only increases their enthusiasm. So you don’t see much of the “they both suck” commentary.

Not from us.

It reflects a lack of enthusiasm on Clinton’s side of the aisle, nothing more and nothing less, and I think there are clear reasons for that. Trump offers something to be enthusiastic about, he’s talking greatness. There has only been 1 outsider in this race from the day Donald Trump announced he was running for the presidency, only 1 that career politicians on both sides of the aisle, D’s & R’s, have attacked relentlessly, often without any basis in reality or factual, accurate information. Only one person on either side paid his own way through the primaries, only one is articulating the vision Americans have had for their country for decades, but that politicians (like Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton) have failed to enact.

Clinton is the exact same kind of bought and paid for stooge as all the other assholes Trump beat in the primaries, so for anyone dissatisfied with the political establishment and how nonchalantly they all disregard their constituents wishes (which they’ve been able to do, have felt comfortably enough to do without real consequences… so far), this election ought to be a no brainer. Anyone who acknowledges the rampant corruption in Washington D.C. has a clear and real choice: Crooked Hillary, who will only be more of the same, or Donald Trump, the billionaire, the pragmatist, the doer who has a proven track record of getting results.

That’s the choice of the 2016 election: a status quo of corruption or a collective attempt, led by Trump, to achieve greatness again. That’s essentially the choice this time around.

Saying that Crooked Hillary isn’t worth a damn, that’s one thing, that’s just stating the obvious.

To say that Trump is anywhere on par with her in terms of truly reprehensible behavior though, of corruption as a means of self enrichment, or of any of the vile things she’s said about different ethnicities and voter demographics… even his insults pale in comparison to hers. At least he had a good reason for calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig and a slob; she talked shit not just about him, but about his whole family on national television. Tell me that wouldn’t burn your ass if you’d been in his shoes. But what’s Hillary Clinton’s excuse for saying that African American youths were “super predators” and that, like dogs, they need to be “brought to heel”. Yeah, she actually said that.

Far more recently, she also called me and millions of other Americans “Deplorables”, saying that at least half of us are racist, sexist, xenophobic, and that we’re un-American and irredeemable.

Think about that for a second, would you. Trump is supposedly the divisive one, but he’s talking about putting American interests and safety first over the agenda of foreign citizens and governments. Clinton, out of cowardice, out of not wanting to upset other countries that are doing the same for their nations (putting their country and their citizens as their highest priority), would do no such thing. Her own agenda, the ambitions and desires of all her Wall Street & middle eastern donors, have always taken precedence over the wishes, interests, and safety of American citizens as a whole. And it shows in her rhetoric, whether it’s calling Latino’s “Taco Bowl voters” or Bernie supporters “basement dwellers”, that she doesn’t give a shit about any of these people.

As far as I can tell… she just wants your vote, and doesn’t mind insulting you (or me) while she waits for you to give it to her. So think about it. Who, really, is the divisive candidate?

Who, really, isn’t worth a damn? Between the two, only Hillary Clinton seems not to be. So if someone says to me “they’re both rotten” I might just tell you how full of shit I think you are. Trump might not be perfect, but who is. He says a lot of controversial shit, mostly because he didn’t phrase it ‘just so’ for the sake of political correctness, that much I’ll grant.

That doesn’t make him rotten or corrupt though. Pay to play, taking money for favors, giving away U.S. resources, lifting sanctions, stealing from the Haitians… mishandling classified information, lying to the public on a daily basis, saying things that are actually racist and bigoted (unlike Trump, which requires interpretation before you can make his remarks out to be racists, hers have been plainly spoken and clear as day, no interpretation or (biased) expert analysis needed)…

That’s rotten, and that’s what you get with Hillary Clinton.

The choice is, essentially, as simple as it sounds. Pursue the possibility of greatness or accept a continuation of the definitive, proven corruption of Washington. In a political system that almost always presents us with the choice between a corrupt sell out and another corrupt sell out, who in their right mind wouldn’t take the rare chance to vote for something better? Who in their right minds would vote for any career politician when a guy like Donald Trump is an actual option?


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