Make America Great Again!

When Obama ran for a 2nd term, I voted for him.

That might surprise some of the people who’ve been following this blog, especially if you’ve seen any my posts during the current election season. Thing is though, I’m not a big fan of politicians on either side. I was a registered Democrat who thought the Democratic politicians were a little less scummy than the Republicans. At this point, they’re clearly not. Not these days anyways.


Republican politicians are pieces of shit too, sell outs who never follow through on their word, who don’t know the meaning of promises (let alone contracts, which is what Trump is essentially offering the American people, a contractual agreement is the sort of thing he’s accustomed to), and who don’t give two shits about anything but re-election, money, and (not) keeping promises.

It’s sick, it’s corrupt, and it’s pervasive.


And her foundation is far from the only thing to take issue with.


Plus her blatantly, shamelessly doing slimy shit like what she pulled with hiring Schultz.


That’s not even to mention the problems with who Clinton tapped for VP.


And there are actually people out there wondering how I can vote for Trump?

Anyways, going back to 2012 (and my point)…

I voted for Obama, and I don’t I regret it. He didn’t turn out to be even half as good a President as I hoped he’d be, but without that having happened, without him winning his second term and solidifying his many mistakes (Syria, Russia, Iran nuclear deal, Obamacare, open border immigration practices, etc.) we would’ve just ended up with another sell out. Trump might never have taken the GOP by storm throughout the 2016 election season, and that would suck.

So I’ll take what we’ve had, no regrets.

It’s made things so bad that they now truly need to be fixed. If the need to protect ourselves from threats like ISIS, illegal immigration, drug cartels flooding our states with drugs, and if the need to rid ourselves of the level of corruption that’s risen so high we’re now seeing it manifest in battles between the Department of Justice (Loretta Lynch) and the FBI (James Comey)… if the need to address all of these issues and more weren’t so goddamn urgent at this point, one party or the other could probably dupe us into going for yet another sell out, like Romney, or McCain, or Paul Ryan, or Kasich, or Jeb Bush, to name a few.



That’s what they wanted to do this time. If the establishment had their way we’d be picking between a bought and paid for politician on one side (Clinton) and a bought and paid for politician on the other side (Bush, Perry, Jindel, etc.) but because of how bad things have gotten during the last 7 years, they just couldn’t manage to ram any of these puppets down our throat.

When I started writing this post, we hadn’t voted yet. Election day hadn’t come to pass. I closed the above thought off on this note: “Hopefully we as Americans won’t allow them to have the last laugh on election day with a Clinton victory.” Now though, I can say that luckily, we as Americans didn’t let the career politicians and DC elites to have the last laugh at our expense.

The power brokers in Washington never cared what party Clinton belonged to, not even the Republicans, because she’s a member of their club, their elite political class. She knows how it works. A favor for a favor or a few million for a favor, you know, traditional Washington corruption. In fact, given who we’re talking about and the level of corruption, dishonesty, and careless arrogance she’s demonstrated in various roles throughout the years…

Her fellow career puppet politicians wouldn’t just get to continue doing ‘business as usual’.

I think if she had won it would have become worse than ever before.

She’s been in that game for too long, existing and making decisions based on a parasitic politicians agenda of self enrichment above all else (especially above public service). It’s just habit for her at this point, a lifestyle. I don’t think she could change if she wanted to, and I doubt she wants to. After all, the means of raking in hundreds of millions for favors didn’t come from nowhere. She arrived at that process through a lot of experience, a lot of trial and error.

It’s a hell of a relief I don’t have to go through the tedious, boring, predictable motions of waiting for Clinton to further validate my criticisms and bring those predictions to life, tbh. It would’ve been a question of when, not if. Thanks to Trump’s victory on November 8th, I don’t have to worry about that possibility anymore, but I was anticipating it. Lots of her pre-election problems would’ve carried over into her administration (E-mail server, Clinton Foundation).


That’s not accounting for all of the exciting new scandals we probably would have gotten to watch unfold, either, had she been victorious. The continuation of our failed interventionist policies in the middle east, the continuation of our failed healthcare laws, and the continuation of failed economic policies… we would’ve gotten to watch all of that play out too. And we’d have seen a continuation of the lack of follow through, lack of accomplishments, and lack of tangible results (aside from destruction, turmoil, and confusion) that we saw throughout her entire career.

I’m glad to say, now that Donald Trump has won the presidency, it’s a moot point.


Hopefully, as we all move forward we can truly begin making America great again.



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