Say10’s Coming

On another note, the God of Fuck is still keeping busy. Got himself trending on election day (and beyond) with the new Say10 clip he dropped on election day, and he’s been back on the rise for a while anyways – The Pale Emperor represented a true resurgence in his commercial success, and no matter how outside of mainstream this fucker wants to be, I’ll always be glad to see his star rise again. I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t resume where he left off with battling the religious right.

It’s a) a waste of his time and b) just not sensible anymore. The right is back stronger than ever, and with it comes a lot of Christian oriented religious baggage, but they’re not the same religious right they used to be. By and large, Christianity has been neutered and the people who voted for Trump based on religion mainly seem to have done so to protect themselves from the increasing persecution (and no, Kim Davis doesn’t count, she was in the wrong) that’s been taking place.

It’s not like the old days, where they’d vote Republican in the hopes of further imposing their religious beliefs on everyone else. They can’t hope for that anymore, it’s too much to ask for and now, after going through a few years of what they put others through, I think they get that it’s a step to far to expect to get their way on everything. Plus the President Elect is not a conventional Christian candidate. I’m sure he’ll try to actively look out for the rights of Christians, sure.

Given what I know about Trump though, I don’t think he’s interested in following the traditional Republican candidates imposition of religion on secularists and members of other religions. Just take a look at the answer he gave on 60 minutes when he was asked about Same Sex marriage. In his mind, what he thinks of it (one way or the other) is irrelevant. It’s gone to the Supreme Court and been decided on, so he considers it a settled issue. Where and when they want a fight….

People like me will be there on the opposing side. Just because Republicans won the White House, Senate, and Houses of Representatives, doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to trample over the few cultural advances some of them might want to undermine. To give an example, the Roe v. Wade decision probably won’t be revisited even if Trump appoints all pro-life Justices, and even if it is, that just means the power of deciding on abortion laws goes back to the states.

It’ll be decided state by state and we can fight that battle in each of our respective states. I’ll be on the pro-choice side, personally, but the point is… if it even comes to that at all, it will not be something you can blame all on Trump (whoever he appoints, those individuals will still be making their own decisions, and it’s those individuals who will be responsible for those decisions).

Nor as it as big of a deal as it’s made out to be.

Anyways, back in the 90’s what Marilyn Manson stood for made sense. It still makes sense, but if he’s going to be taking aim at the same people that demonized him so much in the past, it won’t make sense anymore. We’re living in a totally different political landscape, a different cultural environment where those religious types just don’t have much influence anymore.

It would be a wasted fight imo. If he still stands for what he’s always stood for, individuality, being yourself, provoking thought, generating controversy to make people think for themselves…. then I’d think that would land him on the side of people like Donald Trump and Milo Yianopolous.

They’re the ones standing up for free speech, for shattering the PC culture that’s taken hold, and generating controversy expressly for the purpose of getting people to think things over for themselves and make a conscious choice on where they stand. And they’re the ones who are smeared constantly in the media, demonized, lied about, called all manner of names. Just like Marilyn Manson was smeared and scapegoated in the 90’s. Even for those who don’t agree with the personal stances of these controversial figures, it’s an opportunity to think for themselves.

Zealots with picket signs gave shit to Manson and his fans all the time, especially around the time Antichrist Superstar was released. They were a threat to his right to free expression and speech, so fighting them made sense. Digging into the heart of their beliefs – revealing all the shortcomings, flaws, and outright horrors within that heart – and spitting it back out in the form of enticing, in depth lyrics, esoteric, creepy, and hard hitting tunes… that was the right move.

These days though, the threat to free expression and free speech is from the politically correct, all inclusive DC elites, their rich, elitist celebrity supporters, and the fans of each. Mostly democrats – a fair amount of republicans too – but it’s not about religion versus atheism anymore. It’s about being offended and having hurt feelings (the new “religion”) versus taking an honest look at reality, standing by your values, and protecting your right to free speech. Shoe’s on the other foot now.

With how much the societal and political dynamics have shifted since the height of his fame and controversies, it’ll definitely be interesting seeing what kind of commentary he offers up in Say10. He says he wants to release it on February 14th, and I gotta say, I’m looking forward to it.

(Post inspired by This)


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