Stand Your Ground

If it becomes socially acceptable for someone to shut down your ability to say what you want to say, solely on the basis that they feel it’s offensive, “racist”, or whatever other bullshit reason they can come up with for rationalizing censorship, there’s no longer going to be any point to America.

Humor me for a second and think about just how close we’ve gotten to that already in recent times. Think about the way politicians, with the notable exception of Donald Trump, can be brought to their knees if they violate the PC code of the media, slammed with a week of coverage meant to demean, damage, and shame him or her. Meant to influence them, to force them into submission, to apologize, to show what media figures and political opponents feel is ‘appropriate’ deference to the media. And that’s just with politicians; happens just as much outside of politics.

Bottom line, the media and a lot of the people within that industry wield this kind of power, and to me it seems like they’ve become not just conscious of it, but all to willing to use it in service of their own biases and opinions. That’s not journalism, but that’s the impression I get from most news networks. I mean just look at how they reacted to Trump. He came onto the scene and they immediately took something reasonable he said, made it out to sound bad, and with that they tried they’re little shaming routine. Except he didn’t break weak and he didn’t apologize.

That’s what really set them off about him, from Day 1. They could never shame him or pressure him into changing his behavior, his language, or his policies, and it fucking infuriated them. For years, all the other politicians, celebrities, and so on have mostly buckled under public pressure, submitting to whatever demands the media (allegedly – and dishonestly – always speaking for “the people”) makes of them. But along comes Trump, and they say what they usually say when they want to exert influence over someone “knock it off or we’ll make you look bad,” but instead of being intimidated and instead of promising to change his ways, he stood his ground.

When he did that, they all went to negative coverage, and to massive amounts of it. Trump’s campaigning drowned out most of the other competitors in media coverage, and it was mostly because the news networks were trying to ensure he paid a price for not caving to them. To their astonishment, it didn’t work, and at times seemed to backfire, helping Trump build momentum.

So if you wonder why Donald Trump is so relentlessly demonized, second guessed, and looked down on in news coverage, it probably has something to do with how media figures are still, a year and a half later, trying to grapple with the reality of a Presidential candidate they can’t control. And now, with a President Elect that has clearly demonstrated his ability to withstand any further attempts on their part. They want him to jump when they say jump. They hate that he won’t.

The same way the religious right hated Manson’s refusal to back down, even when there were death threats sent to the man regularly, bomb threats called in at his concerts, even when they showed up at shows across the country to protest his music and harass his fans. He stood his ground, went on stage to perform, and refused to let media smears and lies stand in his way.

(This is actually just a continuation of Say10’s Coming, but it stands on it’s own, too. lol get it?)


4 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground

    • Haha, thanks. The concern is definitely understandable, but imho, I think we’re heading more in the right direction now. It’s never going to be a perfect government anyways, but there are key issues and areas they need to address and address with competence. In that respect at least, now that Trump’s won I’m a lot less concerned.

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  1. But the fact that he does and says what he wants – isn’t that a bit scary? I’m not saying he will, but what if he has an error in judgement and does something fundamentally wrong for the country? He’s only human, and humans make mistakes. What if this happens and he still won’t back down or apologize?

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    • Then he’ll maintain a position of strength, which imo is almost always better than letting yourself get put on the defensive. Just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean you can afford to let your critics tear you down, undermining and impeding everything else you’ve still got left to do, based on that mistake. How he handles missteps and mistakes is, honestly, part of why I voted for him. Even when he isn’t perfect, he doesn’t let his enemies use that against him, which seems like a great quality to have in a President.

      As far as the alternatives to him, everyone else he ran against was just as human. Each and every one of the presidential candidates, if they had won, would’ve been just as capable – if not more so – of making mistakes. They wouldn’t necessarily know how to handle them the way Trump does though, and that’s part of the problem with them. They don’t know how to be effective. Not the Republican competitors, anyways.

      Clinton, in her own style of approach, would’ve been “effective”, but only in the sense that 90% of her decisions were “effectively” disasters. I don’t have to wonder about her, I had her track record to look at as Senator of NY and Secretary of State, he various repetitious lies (about her E-mail scandal, Bosnia sniper fire, Benghazi (both how it happened and how she handled it during and afterwards), Clinton Foundations, etc.), and so on.

      Given the patterns that developed over her years in the public eye, your hypothetical of Trump maybe making mistakes wouldn’t really be a hypothetical with Clinton. She already has a long history of making mistakes and handling them poorly. Not so much a question of “if” she was going to make mistakes, but when, how many, and how much worse would she make each screw up when she starts in with telling lies about what really happened in an effort to make it go away.

      I get what some people might think the possibility of mistakes would be scary with Trump, but I don’t think there’s much merit to the fears, personally. Especially since the vast majority of those fears (e.g. from ‘protesters’ and such) are completely unfounded, with no basis in reality whatsoever.

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