Uninvited Changes

I guess I’m finally going to have to adjust to the new format wordpress is using for writing posts. Haha, well… I say “new”, but it’s been the up to date version (with all the minor, unwanted changes that that comes with) for at least a year. Probably longer.

Tells you what a creature of habit I can get to be when I find something I like.

Even if the change turns out to be an improvement it’s not always something I welcome; I guess I still have a slight aversion to uninvited uncertainties, especially when it means a loss of something your familiar with. Accustomed to.

And you know, I’m talking about a facet of the wordpress blogging platform, but I also think it speaks to plenty of other things in life. I just don’t take change lightly.

It’s accurate to regard it as an unknown with possible unforeseen downsides to go with it, in most contexts. But at some point you’ve got to learn to trust your own judgement.

Make your best educated guess about it, then make a decision and – maybe the most important element to this little formula – act on your decision. Lots of people forget that last part, including me, and more often than I’d care to say. The funny thing is, when I sat down to write this particular post I wasn’t going to write anything even remotely like what I’ve wrote so far.

What I had on my mind was how little I’d been writing over the last few months. Spitting words out onto the screen, flinging them into the world, seeing the effect and then doing it again…

I really do kind of need that, you know, to make myself feel sane. Or, well…

Not need, not quite. Crave, maybe, but it’s not like I’d literally lose my mind. My brains wouldn’t start falling out of my ears or anything. But it’s satisfying. That’s kind of the point of life, too, imo. Satisfaction, and the seeking of it. It’s also known as the American way.

We call it “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, but it means the same fucking thing.


2 thoughts on “Uninvited Changes

  1. Haha am totally with you. It drives me crazy with new ‘improvements’. As u said it might be better but that won’t stop me grumbling about it like an old retired person with added remarks like ‘when I was young wordpress was better’. 😆

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