It’s Not About You!!!

I just read that in a post about marketing, a post from a fairly successful shyster of a marketer. The guy was talking about how you need to disregard what you want and consider what your audience wants. I say yeah, sure, but only to a certain extent.

It misses the fucking point of whatever it is you might be doing though.

Let’s say I start running ads on youtube or start a marketing campaign on facebook. I would be advertising a thing that I’m doing purely for myself, and the way I go about it is deliberately meant to allow me to do it on my own terms. I don’t have to consider your wants, whoever you are, more than I feel like considering them.

This is a subject I’ve been on both sides of too, and I’m sure if anyone went back to some of the other shit I’ve written – about how bloggers, youtubers, an so on all do it for the attention on some level, some kind of recognition and acknowledgement, including me – and that could maybe be seen as hypocrisy on my part. It’s really not though.

The underlying thing, before worrying about what other people think or what they might like, is to consider what you like. Why the fuck are you spending time running a business, or (like me) writing on a blog, or (like Clive Barker) writing a dozen books or more, if it’s not something you want to do? Wasting your fucking time, that’s what you’d be doing.

Me, I’m not wasting my time. Every time I write something here I feel better. What can I say, for whatever reason writing gets me off. We do what we do either because we’ve subverted and suppressed our own desires (which is a whole monumental topic all on its own, the why, the motivations, the how, etc) or because we like what we do.

If you’re not doing something you like, there’s not much of a point to doing it. The only exception being if it’s a stepping stone or a temporary measure to be able to move towards whatever else it is you’d rather be doing. My point, in a nutshell, is that it’s all about you.

And if you didn’t start from that point and consider yourself first and foremost, that’s about you too. It’s a shortcoming and an error in judgment – or in awareness. I do what I do because I want to do it, not because it’s what I think some abstract ‘audience’ wants.

If you like it you can keep reading and if not there are plenty of other sites on the net.

The Takeaway

Don’t let that b.s. “it’s not about you” mindset infect your mind, your dreams, or your ambitions.

If you’ve made the core of any of those things about anything but yourself, then I’d say you’ve gotten things twisted around. If you can still get satisfaction out of doing your thing with your own Self being subverted, well fine, more power to you.

It’s just as likely though, if you do manage to enjoy yourself or to gain any sense of fulfillment, that you’re already as much of an egoist as me. The only difference being that the reality of your ego based existence is being avoided through mental gymnastics.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not About You!!!

  1. Well, hello, blogging is “all about you.” Why else would any of us do it? One of the reasons I’ve been posting so sporadically recently is because I’ve been too tired from my day job to get into the spirit of my writing. I write for me – if “me” isn’t into it, it doesn’t get done. Maybe I should start writing for my audience instead, but then my writing wouldn’t be “me”, would it? My readers come to my blog because they want to see what “me” has to say, not because they want me to simply spit out something I think they want to hear.

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  2. Hello Jack! I agree with you, but maybe that marketer guy wrote what he wrote because he thinks that a writer can catch a lot of people’s attention by producing things that resonate with them the most, and he’s been comfortable and proven successful that way?

    Personally I do write whatever I want to. But yeah, I understand people’s motivations are different and it may seem a little twisted to think one should only write what people but him/herself want. It works for them that way, though. In a bigger picture, if we can compare writing to any other kind of producing, adjusting our product to what the consumers want really is a good way towards success. But then again, different lives, different backgrounds, different circumstances, different points of view, different motivations.

    I tried to express my thoughts in the best and most systematic English as I could, but Jack, what the fuck do I know, I’m just a nobody hahaha. Have a nice day, though. Cheers! XDXDXDXD


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