Sharing Other People’s Content

The video I just shared from Molyneux… maybe I’ll share other ones too every now and then, but I mainly share others people’s stuff when and if it relates to my own commentary on things, and explain how it relates on a case by case basis. In that case, it’s mostly just me being lazy and throwing an episode of his show in as a stand in for my own commentary. Lazy, I know, but the fucker’s worth watching too most of the time, imo, so I figure why the hell shouldn’t I share it.

If I don’t want my own content over-shadowed by the content of others, that doesn’t mean I should share less, it just means I should write and post more of my own stuff to go along with it.

In fact if you blog or write, I’d suggest the same to you. What you share reflects you just as much as what you personally write, in its own way, and the sense of eclipsing your own work with the work of others can be a good motivation to generate more of your own work. Kind of goes to what I’ve talked about before with posting quotes and how more is always better, really.


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