ACA is Already to Blame…

If Trump sucks so bad, why were the job numbers so strong this month? If he sucks so bad, why hasn’t he started doing any of the totalitarian things his critics were screaming bloody murder about when when he won? And if he doesn’t suck that bad, how long are his supporters going to have to wait for the critics to acknowledge that they were wrong about all the things they asserted about him? Can I expect some acknowledgement of that by the end of his first year? Or his second? If none of the stuff his critics were fear mongering with materialize under his Presidency, can I at least get an admission by the end of his 1st term? It’d sure be nice.

I supported and voted for Barack Obama.

I was wrong about him. I’ve long since acknowledged my error in judgement, and didn’t need to be pressured into it. I didn’t wait to be asked. He had the benefit of the doubt from me from the beginning and he never fulfilled his campaign promises. Democrats are trying to use the old scare tactics that people with coverage will lose their insurance if the Republicans repeal and replace the (un)Affordable Care Act, but I’ve got news for them: people are losing their insurance anyways. I read an article in the Santa Maria Times the other day about a guy in Kentucky who, come 2018, will not have any insurance options to choose.

This is under Obamacare. Insurance companies are pulling out, the marketplace options are drying up, and by next year there won’t be an exchange in some regions. All under Obamacare. And the Democrats want to fucking defend that? Really? Everything they claim will happen if Republicans repeal and replace Obama’s “signature achievement” is already happening.

Obamacare is the cause.

Everything I’ve heard in the way of concerns about repealing and replacing it, all the coverage loss, the expensiveness, the inaccessibility, that it would endanger people’s lives to get rid of it…

Those talking points don’t fucking work when the legislation they’re trying to protect is already yielding the very results they claim people should be afraid of if we repeal it. When are supporters of the ACA law going to admit it that it’s already causing the kind of shit they claim they’re worried will happen if it’s successfully tossed? It has failed, and the things Democrats in congress pretend to worry about are already happening. They should just admit it and start moving forward, and so should all the rest of the supporters and advocates of this failed “achievement”. Imo, anyways.

It would be the honest thing to do.


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