Passion is just a Hunger

After going out to a restaurant and enjoying your meal, do you ever stop to wonder why you’re not hungry anymore? I kind of doubt it. So why do people wonder, once they’ve gotten what they want, what they fought for, why they don’t want it as much anymore? They’re full for the moment.

Satiated. Passion , desire, is just a different form of hunger.

It emanates from the mind, or from the soul, or from something outside yourself that you’re drawn to, or any number of other things -depending on what sort of beliefs you subscribe to.

Satisfying your desire doesn’t mean you were wrong to feel it, and it doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry again. With any given desire or aspiration, it’s kind of predictable that it would lose some (or a lot) of it’s allure after you’ve achieved it. What’s the usual process with food though?

Does feeling full after an awesome meal mean you shouldn’t have eaten? Nope.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry again, either. You inevitably will.

That’s why you move forward, whether it’s leaving behind a finished meal, settling into a spot to rest, or sniffing out the next, newest source of nourishment. Or, I guess, sitting around and rotting in place. If that’s your kind of thing… you know, just kind of existing, and waiting around to die.

Whatever gets your rocks off, really, although I really wouldn’t recommend that last one. I’ve done plenty of that kind of sitting around, even recently, and… really, the only excusable way to end up on that route, wasting your life imitating death, is to have done so by accident. Or by weariness. However you end up in that state, I’d say bear it while you have to, if you have to.

As soon as you can manage though, for your own sake, break yourself the fuck out of your slump. Don’t just get used to it, don’t waste your attention or energy on figuring out ways to cope with or compensate for it. Look for a way to climb out of it, look for a specific, tangible means of changing, addressing, and affecting possible sources for your lethargy. Look for something to fill your “gut”.


2 thoughts on “Passion is just a Hunger

  1. Great inspiration put into a totally digestible, painfully simple everyday example we can all understand! Genius! I’m in and excited to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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