Twitter Politics

Just a few tweets I saw earlier…

Not that I trust Paul Ryan any more than I can throw him, but he did an interview the other night and answered some fairly hard, direct questions without even trying to dodge the questions.

Kind of shocking, really, for a snake like that. The reason behind this first “bill” being so short on what we would need for a full and proper overhaul of the ACA is because of the method they’re using to bypass Democrat fillibusters. As long as I start seeing more of what was promised by the 2nd phase, I’ll be satisfied with it. Improvements are needed by then though, imo.

And as for Kambree’s tweet… yeah, that about sums it up. Stark contrast.

Then there’s this. Seems like there are a lot of disparaging remarks (even from family and friends who don’t like the Trump side of politics) about both Melania & Ivanka Trump. The funny thing about that is, haters announced a boycott of Ivanka’s clothing line (and other products). Know what happened with that? Sales skyrocketed. That’s called winning.

People can talk shit all they want, but hard numbers are hard numbers, and this fucker gets results. Results, sadly for the critics, are hard to argue with. And they just keep stacking up.

On another note, anybody seen the new wikileaks release?

Vault 7 kind of blows the whole Russian hacking narrative to shit imo. I’m not saying they didn’t do anything, I’d be shocked if most or all of the hacking and attempts at hacking weren’t them, but given the hostility towards Trump’s administration from certain (treasonous) elements in the intelligence in the community and they’re apparent willingness to leak classified information in efforts to damage the new executive branch of government, the Vault 7 leak was just desserts. They got a taste of their own medicine on this one. Relating to that…

And the CIA (with other branches of the intel. community) have happily been trying to bolster it.

What does that tell you?


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