Quiet Resurgence

It’s weird just jumping back into the thick of it, writing. Not just here either; I published a couple things on Sparks of Insanity too. I think I’ll use that the same way it’s always been intended, as a haphazard series of experiments in fiction, but there also needs to be some consolidation.

That, plus I need to start writing material to hold back so I have something to offer potential new sponsors. You can get it on that too, btw, just not quite yet.

Fucking awkward, not being quite sure of where I’m at after going slack for as long as I have, getting lazy. Stupid of me too. Doesn’t matter what you write on a blog like this, just hat you write. That’s how I set it up, that’s how I prefer it, and it takes away any excuses. I can’t say to myself “well that didn’t come out quite right” or “that’s not good enough” at least not most of the time.

Not without it nagging at me.

That’s also of why some of those posts get “finished” and published, but it’s also why I’ve accumulated about 70 drafts. And the more I try to build this into a profitable thing to do, into a means of making some cash, the more important it’s going to be to write continuously.


One thought on “Quiet Resurgence

  1. I make it a point to accept that the ‘perfect’ post may never happen, so I need to accept the 80% posts when I write them. Its the only way I can meet my own objective of posting regularly. I look forward to seeing what you produce next!

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