Savage Negotiations & Spirited Debate

Given how right leaning I probably come off these days, I kind of relish Hannity’s commentary tonight, especially his opening monologue. He ripped the whole process associated with our new healthcare bill as disorganized, chaotic, and contentious. So now I’m going to take a shot at ripping apart the premise he’s working with when he describes it that way, and when he says it likes it’s a bad thing: that the legislators and the overall negotiations should have gone far more smoothly than they have. Here’s a fucking newsflash for Sean though: it was never going to go “smoothly”.

It’s not really supposed to either. And this goes to part of what I fail to understand about the whining over the combative (and often incendiary) approach Trump himself has taken throughout the campaigning and in the first few months of his presidency. People on the opposing side of a candidate like that demonize the behavior, and when legislators have solid, clear positions and those positions result in conflict during the legislative process, they’re demonized for the positions they take. They’re also (usually correctly) blamed and criticized for slowing things up that don’t need to be slowed. The problem this time is, the deadline and the vote today was artificial.

It helped as far as pressuring members of congress to get their asses in gear, and sure, they cancelled the vote for today, but because they’d been aiming for today and they’ve actually actively been negotiating, working, and essentially doing their jobs for once, they’re making fast progress. Whether it’s toward a “no deal” or toward resolutions, compromises, and a finished bill they can all live with, they’re at least doing what they’re paid for. And in this “disjointed”, “disorganized”, and “contentious” process, they’re moving closer and closer to a decisive solution to the problem of Obamacare. Even if they fail it’ll be a step towards success.

As long as they keep doing their jobs.

Today was a bit of a bummer since they didn’t just pass the fucking thing, but it’s only a setback, and so far I have no problem with the process. Members of the House are stating clear positions from which they can work from, and are aligning those positions with the specific constituents they were elected to represent. I mean hell, even if they can’t come to an agreement and they end up abandoning the healthcare bill in the next few days, this is damn good practice for them in the art of proper legislating. Chaos is inevitable. So are contentious battles and spirited debate.

Same goes for savage negotiations; this is how it’s done. Don’t believe me?

Then pick up a history book on American government and educate yourself. Go ahead and try to prove to yourself that the business of legislating is all sunshine and roses if you think you can, and keep an eye out for the rainbows and unicorns. In the meantime though, I’m just glad that because of Trump, our legislators are starting the process of relearning how to do their job. Maybe we won’t get a healthcare bill out of it (yet), at least not as fast as I (and millions of others) have been hoping for, but the way this went down was a step in the right direction for our government, and it was largely due to the influence of (and the agenda set by) Donald Trump himself.

Kudos to Trump for that, btw, but yeah…

Tumultuous battles have always been a (frequent) periodic part of American politics. And that goes well beyond the legislative branch. It also applies to our national discourse in a general sense, to the diverse range of constituents we all are, to us as citizens. A case in point being the commentary you’ve just read if you got to this sentence. I might like Sean Hannity in general, but I don’t let him or anyone else think for me. He can whine about the messiness of the negotiations all he wants, but I see it as a sign of improving health, for the GOP and for congress itself.

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3 thoughts on “Savage Negotiations & Spirited Debate

  1. I agree with you on this Jack. I don’t much like the bill but think the process is being properly negotiated and debated and yes, Congress is finally doing their job! We shall see what comes of it Friday.

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