Every Day is a Good Day

Seems like every day of the Trump presidency brings us a step (or three) in the right direction. His original travel ban was constitutional, but it’s been interesting watching that play out. And really, that’s the only meaningful set back I’ve seen for the new administration. Political opponents, misinformed constituents, and the professional mockery class (the media and celebrities who feel entitled to doing our thinking for us) play up anything and everything they can, pretending (mostly to and for themselves) that every other step is a fumble. They’re wrong imo, and if you dare to get specific I can explain how point by point, but broadly speaking just look at their behavior.

Never mind that under the first full month of this administration, the job growth has already reached about 235,000 jobs added, a repeat of the previous month. And as for the first month itself, the guy was meeting up with company owners of all sorts, striking informal deals, attaining public commitments by these business owners to expand – and to do it in America – before he was even sworn in. If you ask me, that’s largely responsible for the solid job numbers of his very first month. He was setting the stage, and if you’ve got doubts on that point, take a look at how many jobs were added each month for the last six months. Seriously, compare the 6 months before the election with the 2 afterwards. Reflects very well on our new president.

The fact that he imposed a new rule on regulations (for every new 1, eliminate 2), has cut a number of them already in various industries, has mobilized and is working closely with all members of Congress who’re willing to work with him (i.e. who are willing to DO their fucking jobs), has stamped out the threat of a TPP trade deal, and has appointed such a fascinating array of cabinet members, this stuff all by itself is a shit ton of awesomeness.

His executive orders (and other actions taken) to restructure the entire executive branch are another good example; it’ll realign the whole branch to our “America First” agenda, making it a more efficient, effective body of government, and it’ll introduce a higher level of accountability of federal agencies all around. Efficiency was not a trademark of the Obama administration, nor was effectiveness. And beyond what we knew before Trump’s victory – which was quite a bit – it’s becoming more and more clear that accountability wasn’t part of the culture under Obama’s leadership. It’s great that that’s changing now. If you think the recent leaks have been bad…

They have been, but they also haven’t been. That newest batch of CIA leaks being released by wikileaks is on the intelligence community and the administration that allowed such lax security practices, and such massive potential (and likelihood) for violating the privacy rights of Americans.

You can thank Obama for the CIA being so souped up (not necessarily a bad thing except that it’s always in the dark, behind the scenes, with no accountability). You can thank him for the prodigious amount of leaks we’re now seeing from Obama loyalists still embedded in the intelligence community overall, along with the leaks put out there by Obama left-overs in our various other areas of the government (e.g. where’d they get Trump’s 2005 tax returns?).

So when I say it’s bad, but “not really”…

Yeah, it’s bad for the U.S. as a whole, it’s bad for us as a nation in an international context. It’s not really bad for Trump though. He didn’t create the circumstances that allowed for all of this to happen, his predecessor did. It’ll only hurt him if he allows it to continue unchecked. And as for the healthcare bill the other day, I seem to recall Trump saying, “sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.” I would have gladly seen the Republicans pass that new bill, it’s a killshot and their 3 step plan would have yielded better results for people than Obamacare.

That said, I’m not too bothered by the vote being cancelled. Next up is tax reform, and with Trump driving the wheel it won’t be very long before they bounce back to healthcare. And next time, maybe the competing factions of the GOP will have come to some kind of agreement about how to move forward. All of them still need to relearn how to negotiate effectively with each other.

Which, incidentally, is what I believe we’ve been watching them do. The whole process they went through – the disagreements, the fighting, the different positions between the moderates, the cuckservatives, and the hard right conservatives – was good practice and round #2 is coming right up for them. Sooner or later they’re going to get their shit together. Either that or they’ll be looking for new jobs, but if that happens it’ll be their own damn fault. I’ll still vote for Trump in 2020.

The question is, how many of the current batch of Republicans will be around to see it?

Assuming the next item on their agenda goes the way of the healthcare bill, probably not that many. If they start shaping up and getting a handle on how to do their jobs though, maybe most of them will make it to the next presidential election. 2018’s not that far off, so I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime though, every day with Trump in office is a good day for America.

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