“Stop Tweeting!”

I love the thought behind this vid, but I just don’t agree.

They will continuously latch onto anything they can get anyways, so he might as well do things his way. Managing your opponents responses was Obama’s approach (e.g. Obama/Clinton foreign policy). Kicking your opponents ass is Trump’s. Does that mean the ride can be a little bumpy along the way? Definitely. But if it’s the way to victory, to making America great again (via implementing Trump’s campaign/policy promises), I’ll take every bump the ride has to offer.

Besides, his tweets aren’t “absent-minded” in the sense described here; it helps Trump (and his supporters & cause) to go ahead and shoot off his incendiary tweets because the righteous indignation his tweets trigger in media figures, political opponents, and haters in general – the way they have continuously tried to use his tweeting against him – generally backfires.

So much so that I really have to wonder about anyone who thinks it’s not deliberate.

You don’t achieve a desirable result 90% of the time by accident – I’ve said it in pointing out the facts of his career (the 4 bankruptcies = above 95% rate of success if you factor in all the different companies, businesses, and other entities he owns outright and/or owns and holds a controlling interest in) and I’ll say it again here: that high of a rate of success does not happen by accident.

So you can think what you want about his tweeting, but it’s clearly an effective tool and he clearly has the judgement to decide when, where, and how using it might be most effective – as he’s already proven in using it throughout the campaign and all the way into the presidency.

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