Your Lying Eyes

Old news now, but the illustrious Rachel Maddow dropped some tax return info.


Funny how practically every attempt to hit him on something ends up backfiring.

Coincidence? I guess people generally think so, but… do you really not see how it’s emerged as a pattern over the last two years? There’s always lots of controversy, lots of indignation, lots of noise, and it hits a new note every time he takes a step, but if he’s just a controversial, bombastic idiot of a billionaire… never mind how he got his billions.

How’d he get the presidency? Maybe it’s because he knew what he was doing.


I know, I know, not everyone is going to be able to even entertain the thought that maybe he’s a lot smarter than he’s given credit for, and a lot more effective, but how long can you really keep denying the evidence? Networks like CNN tell you not to believe your lying eyes, but I’m telling you, any of you reading this, whether you agree with my outlook or not, your own two eyes will always be more trustworthy than a reporter selling a story.

Fuck the media’s judgement, use your own.

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