Ever been to Canada? I haven’t.

My cousin is going to be returning from a 2 week stint there though so I’m sure I’ll hear all about what it’s like over there. Personally, the only thing I like about Canada – speaking as someone who lives in the U.S. and has never actually been there – are the immigration policies they go by.

Trudeau talks a good game about refugees, but their legislation for legal immigration centers on merit. On the idea of “okay, you want to come to our country, live and work here, and be a citizen? What can you do for us?” It’s an approach that Trump has cited when he’s talked about how he’d like to reform legal immigration to America and I think it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the policies we’ve gone by since Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill. If you don’t know about that…

Well, I’d recommend reading up on it.

Anyways, for me the temperature up north is a deal breaker. I’d never go to Canada, let alone live there. I would love it if we adopted an immigration policy similar to theirs though. Or Israels’.

Both of those work exceptionally well for both of those countries.


5 thoughts on “C-C-Canada

    • Well, he took a flight and landed in Toronto but I think the place he was going was a couple hundred miles from there. I’ll ask him later tonight and let ya know though 🙂 .

      Hot summers? That might make up for the cold a little bit, but still… haha, I hate cold weather.


      • He told he went to Stratford; aside from the rain that hit when he was still there I think the lowest he said it got to was 42F. 122F is horrible enough… with high humidity lol I don’t even want to think about how THAT would feel to be in.


      • Soup. It’s the only way to describe it.
        And yeah, we’ve had a mild winter this year. I don’t think it got down to -40 (which is where the C and F scales meet) once.
        I’ve heard Stratford is nice. 🙂 Not too far away from Niagara Falls.

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