Heart of a Lunatic

You know for the last few years – goddamn, has it really been years? – the header of this site has remained the same. I’ve been wanting to change it for a while now though, and between not knowing how I wanted to memorialize the past and not yet being sure of how to articulate the future (via a new header), it’s been pushed back a few times.

So many possibilities have been chewed up and spit back out, almost what I want, almost the right expression… almost. The thing about almost though is, sometimes you can just fucking smash through it, through the “almost” and right into “nailed it”. Two options are of the “nailed it” variety for where I’m at and what I’m focused on had occurred, had collapsed to one, and now it’s time to memorialize. And frankly this little nod to the past is unnecessary but… there’s a reason the title of this post was the title of this site for so fucking long.

That reason, the heart it alludes to, the madness within, is still there. I’m no less a lunatic for changing the title; same way Marilyn Manson was no less Omega for moving onto Holy Wood.

Maybe this is a new era but what came before is a big part of what made it possible. I could explain the new title here but, I think I’ll leave that for the possible revisions to my “about” page and maybe for another post; if you’re thinking I’m getting into journalism just ’cause I’m putting “media” in the title, think again. These are still my mind splatterings, opinions, thoughts, feelings… all that glitters in this strange mind of mine. Nothing more and nothing less.

Anyways, given the revisions and reinvention that’s happening atm, the “about” page as it exists now and the tagline are both going to be preserved here to make me feel better, freer, to change them. Nothing’s really stopping me but hey, we’ve all got our quirks.

So without further ado…

Heart of a Lunatic

Along With All That Glitters In This Strange Mind of Mine…

About: This blog was made on an impulse.

I don’t necessarily have any special direction to take things in here. There’s not really anything I consider to be ‘off-limits’, it’s just a matter of what I feel like saying something about. I have a lot of random streams of thought, some less organized than others, and there’s really nothing I want to restrict myself from.

Let there be unbound writing.

I might find myself thinking about (and maybe free-writing on) just about anything, from posts on other blogs to a song I just listened to… Honestly, I’ll do whatever I feel like. I don’t intend for this to be perfection. It’s likely to be a messy experience from today onward, with whatever I might decide to write about.

∞ ◊ ∞

I also write fiction on my other blog: Sparks of Insanity.

If you like what I write or how I write you can help support my efforts on Patreon.

Any and all support is appreciated.

Every bit of that will probably remain true to what this site is all about; the reason it might be subject to change isn’t to contradict what I’m preserving above so much as to express it in a different way, to take what it’s about and shape its evolution. So…

To what was… farewell, good riddance, or whatevs… and onto the new shit.


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