Passion Never Dies

There are certain things I’ve shied away from in spite of my attitude, intention, of saying whatever the fuck I want to say about anything at all. The dicier shit actually doesn’t bother me that much, like that last post (fuck religion in general, including Islam), that might just offend some people.

I’m fine with that though.

The kind of thing on my mind has nothing to do with that, with being to chickenshit to speak my mind. Oddly enough it’s actually the reverse. Blogging tips are something I’ve steered clear of for a few different reasons: early on, what the fuck qualified me? I was at zero subscribers.

And further down the line I had a few hundred, then a few thousand.

Since I’ve broken past 15,000 that reason no longer holds up. The other is that… it’s not exactly what I wanted to be here for. It bled through anyways, I’d maybe make a suggestion in a post about other shit, or every now and then would suggest shit and that was the post.

Exceptions to my general rule of thumb.

Maybe it shouldn’t be an exception though; my lack of willingness to just write it out and post it cuts down on my overall output. And maybe I don’t want to be known as some sort of fucking blogging “guru” whose main purpose is to advise other people. I wanted this to be all about creation, whether the articulation and clear capture of an opinion (like what you see here).

Well, all about that, and all about what I was doing with my fiction.

Circumstances have kind of changed though; I was burning hot on the writing, had a vivid vision and a vicious desire to get as close to it as possible, as fast as possible. That vision, the aspirations, are still more or less intact. They’re just muted atm here because my heart is flowing elsewhere.

Not instead of writing, but alongside it, and it takes priority.

This passion isn’t dead though, or even sleeping, and not being able to think too much about what I write, or how, or when… that’s always been a boon to me in writing. And given the amount of time and energy other shit takes these days, that’s the only route to go if I want to keep writing.

Especially if I want to ramp this shit back up and start gaining ground on this front again.

Gems for the Reader

If you want reach and engagement, post what you can whenever you can. If intentions or plans are getting in the way and you’re itching to get something done, written, posted, fuck ’em.

Throw away the intentions and the plans and see what happens naturally.


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