Self Inflicted Distraction(s)

The title became a distraction so it’s back to the original for now. I wrote out a long post, probably just should’ve left it published, but… even I have limits on what I’m willing to share of myself, or rather, how I’m willing to. It’s one of those things where… what kind of audience are you looking to attract? How do you want to be known. I don’t want to be known for being so hung up on a fucking title, so I’m done with it for now. The old one stays ’cause it still fits. It might be out of date but at least it’s genuine and speaks exactly to what I am, how I tend to approach things when I’m at my best… and all sorts of other shit I don’t even know where to start with.

…a word of advice…

When doubts and distractions arise, kill them.

Sure, hear ’em out, consider them, but then slide the knife in and move the fuck onwards and upwards. The best way to murder them is with to prove them wrong in action, in reality. In this little example the action was simple: change the header back to what it was before. Since it still fits (at least a hell of a lot better than the would be replacements) it’s no longer a distraction. If I change it at some point then I change it – if not, that’s just as well. It’s not an actual problem.

Or it wasn’t until I made it one. Fixed that shit though.


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