Such Calm & Rational Views…

I was reading through one of the blogs I follow, one I haven’t checked in on for a long while, and Tricia wrote an interesting post on barnacles and tolerance. You can find it here if you’re interested – I’d recommend it – but it got me thinking about my own tact lately.

Some of it has to do with uncertainty, not really having a solid direction to go in atm, or yet, or whatever the fuck… but I’m also getting sick of the insanity in politics, most of which is coming from the left. No, the right isn’t blameless, but here’s the thing: I’m aligned with them these days for a reason. They’re responsible for very little of the current madness.

They’re mostly gutless, at least in terms of our right leaning representatives throughout the country, but they’ve been in survival mode the last few years. They’ve been desperately trying not to lose ground and to gain some if they can, if only to stop the DNC’s strength from eclipsing theirs forever in the political arena of our country. I was part of what they had to survive over the years.

So yeah, I glaze over the few (often understandable) instances of the right wingers going too far, saying or doing crazy shit. I feel like I kind of owe it to my opposition; after all, on the left people are going too far daily, doing and saying crazy shit constantly, and there are so many examples of violence, suppression of free speech, violations of civil rights, etc. against Trump voters (or otherwise moderate, sensible Americans) on their side of things that it’s not even close.

In relation to the amount of shit we’re seeing churned out on the left side of politics these days, the occasional incident or, as the case may be, screw up of a right leaning citizen (politician or otherwise) doesn’t even register. It’s no contest, no comparison. And it’s outrageous.

That’s why I refuse to temper my words with “oh, I know the Republicans are bad too”, at least not to a significant degree. I’m not going to be an apologist for the GOP (I talk shit about them regularly enough to prove that, imo), but I’m also not going to go out of my way to be fair to the fucking radicals we’re up against in the form of Antifa activists, BLM rioters, and SJW’s.

Should they choose to de-escalate, maybe I won’t feel so passionately opposed to them. Until they start respecting the rights of their fellow Americans though, and until they stop trying to slander and smear everyone who dares to disagree with them, I’m not softening up my own rhetoric.

If and when I have something to say, I don’t know how cool or calm it’ll be. It often isn’t lately, which is funny ’cause I used to kind of be known as “Mr. Reasonable”. I still am, honest; my valuation (and use) of critical thinking, of reason, hasn’t gone anywhere or diminished. But I’m putting it to use in service of an agenda: furthering the spread of MY brand of politics.

The politics of the New Right.

I don’t give ground if I can help it, I don’t pretend to admit I’m wrong to make the other person feel better in an argument, I don’t mince my words (unless I’m having an off day and being an insecure douche, but that has more to do with quality control than with any worries over offending people), and I don’t start with the assumption that I’m wrong.

Convictions matter.

Discarding them at the first sign of a challenge would be anethema; if I’m going to chuck a conviction of mine, I’m only going to do so for a damn good reason. If I’m not convinced such a reason exists in a given instance, well, then I’m sticking to my convictions.

You should to.

Now… was that level headed? I guess. But see what happens if you start calling me a racist, or a fascist, or any number of other popular buzzwords. See what happens if you take a swing at me for sporting a Trump button. “Oh don’t respond to stuff like that, you’re just giving them what they want!” Haha, I’ve heard that one a lot. Thing is, I don’t mind giving people what they want.

Not if it’s something I want, too, and if you get up in my shit, believe me, I’ll want to get up in yours just as badly as you thought you wanted to get in mine. And next time maybe you’ll think twice. I’m reasonable when people are reasonable with me. If you want to be an asshole, well hey, I can play that game to. I’m not above it, any of it, when push comes to shove.

And I’ll never apologize to anyone that makes that push.


3 thoughts on “Such Calm & Rational Views…

  1. I appreciate you linking to my post. For the record I’m sick of the insanity in our politics too. The Left has really gone overboard and honestly I don’t see things getting any better any time soon.

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    • No problem, it was a good post 🙂 triggered a lot of thought on my part… especially the comments people left there.

      Things might not get better anytime soon, I think I’d agree with that, but I also think we’re gaining ground. Cali is falling apart but I think that’s part of why it’ll be increasingly possible to turn my state red in the 2018 elections. If not, it’ll only get worse and by 2020 I’d be shocked it there’s not a substantial amount of change, at least in terms of our state representatives and politicians.

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