Clawing at Boundaries

The heart is full of chaos, contradictions, competing desires. It’s a force of confusion, and as eruptions of it come up and out into the world, passing through the mind, it becomes a little more orderly. A bit more focused. Makes more sense. Enough that it can be communicated.

Enough for a single heart to reach out and touch the hearts of others. The mind is simply a doorway they have to pass through, and that passage isn’t always easy. That’s what you hear other writers talk about when they mention the struggle of getting a story out of themselves and onto a page or a computer screen. Out into the world. They’re samples of heart and soul, and the trick is learning not to lose too much as it passes through from our minds and out into the world.

To me, trying to write something – be it a story or a post like this one…

It’s like trying to extract a piece of me, shaping it into something others can wrap their minds around, and putting it out there for them to see. It’s like trying to break through to the other side, from within to a place beyond myself… where just about anyone can see it.


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