The Death of Otto Warmbier

The death of Otto Warmbier, former captive to North Korean cocksuckers – who should count themselves lucky as it is that we’re not reckless enough, as a nation, to just blow them off the fucking map, small (and nutty) as they are – is on Obama’s shoulders.

Be mad at the North Koreans if you want, but really, they’re fucking crazy.

Their dictator is fucking crazy. You know it, I know it, even Obama knew it. But recognize the reality that Warmbier was over there for a long while, and that for the last year he’d been in a coma, likely as a result of torture and mistreatment.

Pay attention to the contrast between that long stretch of time, and the short few months that Trump’s been in office. Obama had more than a year to deal with this and the guy languished in North Korean custody, becoming a vegetable.

Donald Trump takes office and in roughly five months not only do we find out about the state Otto was in, we have him back in the states. At least he got to die at home, though he was so unresponsive to external stimulus that he probably didn’t know it.

Anyways, the results speak for themselves.

Under the administration of our 44th President he was ignored, his family was brushed off and essentially told to keep quiet, and he was mistreated by the North Koreans to the point of being a non functional vegetable. Enter the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and…

We have him back in less than six months.


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