Cracker Gets Stabbed

Oh and just in case anyone is still suffering under the delusion that Trump supporters are the violent ones, here’s one of the latest examples of the exact opposite being true:

I don’t pray, personally, but I can and will raise as much public awareness about this shit as I can. And I’ll be out and about sporting pro-Trump paraphernalia regardless of the apparent danger.

My suggestion to those who don’t support Trump: buy some pro-Trump merchandise, get a hat, a shirt, a button… then make sure to wear ’em a few times. Don’t be shy. If the opposition your supporting isn’t racist (e.g. if you’re white and wearing a Trump shirt), if they aren’t the ones starting fights and riots, then you should be perfectly safe. Right?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that then maybe it’s time to rethink who you’re backing. And get this straight; if you’re one of those “middle of the road” people who likes to pretend your apart from all of this because “both sides suck”, we’re kind of at the point now (see above) where not standing with Trump supporters in opposition to this kind of violence equates to condoning it.

You’ve got to decide, are you okay with this violence?

If the answer is no, then fucking do something about it, reassess your understanding of the players in this game, and maybe think about actually supporting our President.

If this kind of ridiculous, wannabe fascist behavior is what his opposition thinks is appropriate, and none of the fears of fascism or racism or sexism or Islamaphobia actually materialize (take note that they have not, as of yet, and imo will not), then is he really as bad as they’re claiming or are they everything they say he is? Think about it. And if you’re answer’s yes…

Well, then don’t be surprised when we defend ourselves; and if you participate in the attempts to suppress free speech with violence, with attempts to physically hurt other people for having or voicing opinions you don’t like, don’t be surprised if you end up in the hospital instead.


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