Landing on the Right

I really liked being able to say I’m not for either side in politics, and push comes to shove that still applies – if the Republicans fuck Trump over, we the voters who elected him are going to fuck them over – but the reality is Trump has taken over.

The GOP has sell outs, career politicians, extremists, but they’re fewer in number there than on the DNC’s side, and they are forced to operate in a straight up pro American environment instead of reverting to the corrupt bullshit they’re used to.

The losers, the crazies, the gutless… we still have to work and deal with them, but in having Trump as President we’re dealing with them from a position of strength. All that’s to say, with the dynamics and political landscape having shifted so drastically from what is was, from the victory independent minded Americans like me had in electing Trump over Clinton…

Due to all of that, the right has been redefined to be in line with my values.

So yeah, for the foreseeable future I guess I’m in their corner.


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