Taking Politics Too Seriously

In a way, I’m very tired of politics – at least that’s what I was thinking. It’s more accurate to say I’m tired of taking politics so seriously – seriousness is all well and fine but it gets old.

You know what my view of politics can be summed up with?

Trump is kicking ass, pushing and enacting his agenda, and effortlessly bitch slapping aside all the vitriol and noise from his opponents (media, celebrities, politicians, etc.), representing our interests and values abroad (e.g. Syrian missile strike, Poland speech, pushing back ISIS, negotiated Syrian ceasefire w/ Russia, cut regulations via executive order, has signed over 35 bills (passed through congress and signed by him) into law since entering office, and… I could go on for quite a while, but you get the idea. Politics can be summed up for me atm as tons and tons of winning, right down to the wrestling meme and all surrounding controversies.

The entire system (and the way people think it should work versus the way it must work if we want governance to line up with our constitutional rights, individually) is a bit of a joke, and I’ve been taking the comedy far too seriously. Not even necessarily in general, though I have to admit I get invested in the things I choose to involve myself in, but as far as what I’ve written lately…

It’s all seriousness and I just need to loosen the fuck up when I do talk politics. There’s some bad shit going on (almost exclusively on the left side of things), probably going to get worse, but here’s the reality, the honest truth of it: as indignant as I seem to get sometimes I love every minute of it. The social justice douche bags, the oxymoronic “Antifa”, the establishment politicians in each party, the vast majority of mainstream media, the attacks on people like me…

Tbh I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not because I’m a nihilist – the anti-Trump activists have the market on that cornered, presently – but because they prove me right with every action, every assault, every call for impeachment. ‘Cause they prove me right with every fake news story. Because we’re winning, and if things keep going this way it’s only going to get worse for them, not for me, ’cause we’ll keep winning.

And by “we” I mean Americans, in case you were wondering.

How seriously I take commentating – which is basically all I’m doing here – is entirely up to me, and for my own good I think I’d prefer to hit on different shit hard and fast, sometimes in a serious or thorough manner but if I don’t feel like it then fuck it. Where I really started going awry lately, in terms of reaping actual satisfaction out of this, was in falling into the persuasion game.

I’m not here to try to change any minds, and I’ll campaign for causes championed by others (e.g. Trump’s election and agenda as President) and throw out my views on that, my outlook, but this isn’t about changing the minds of Trump haters. This is about continuing to build a monument to (of?) myself, to my ego. Like that notion or hate it, that’s what I’m all about.

I AM, I exist, I have the opportunity to live my life out in any way I see fit.

So do you, and I say that’s fucking awesome.


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