2016: Ready-Set-Go!

The 2016 election was destined to unleash chaos and controversy from the very beginning.

The stage was already set.

In spite of having 3 or 4 candidates vying for the Democrats nomination we started the election season with a presumptive nominee in Hillary Clinton. That alone was enough to promise the sort of chaos and vitriol I’m talking about. Her track record was – and remains – crystal clear.

As 1st Lady she proved to be a willing shill for her husband, propping up the embattled Commander in Chief when the proverbial jizz hit the fan, demonstrating she had no problem lying to the public. It was a tactic she used more and more blatantly as her career dragged on.

As a Senator she pushed for legislation to bring “super predator” African American youth “to a heel” and laid the groundwork for one of the most comprehensive pay to play conduits to ever be introduced into our political system. To paraphrase a certain somebody, she and her husband perfected the politics of personal profit and theft (ref. Haiti), and with every elevation to higher positions of power her callous disregard for the truth, rules, and body count rose with her.

All that to say, she was the perfect embodiment of the corrupt establishment.

And that’s only a small part of what set the stage for the rise of the new right.


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