Debating Radical Islam

I don’t agree with everything Sam Harris says these days, particularly on Trump, but between him & Maher – who I’m also a fan & who I also disagree with a lot lately – this is fucking gold right here:

This is, in many ways, a reality check for the Affleck’s of the world; if you’re interested in more, these are couple follow-ups worth checking out:

  • The Rubin Report – Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate
    • The Last Word – Harris discusses debate w/ Affleck & his opinions on the subject of Islam.

One Man Wasteland

A short poem I wrote a while back – which I recently used as a template for a newer one.

Sparks of Insanity

My mind is a wasteland of memories.

Of half-remembered skills, and unfulfilled dreams.

It is filled to the brim with relics of my past.

It haunts me.

My heart is a wasteland of passions.

Of warped, shattered desires, and atrophied talents.

It is empty, left wanting for what I could have been.

It taunts me.

My body is a wasteland of flesh.

Of neglected tissue and abused mechanics.

It’s been marked and stained by all my sins.

It rots with me.

See also:One Man Wasteland(alt. version)

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Passion Never Dies

There are certain things I’ve shied away from in spite of my attitude, intention, of saying whatever the fuck I want to say about anything at all. The dicier shit actually doesn’t bother me that much, like that last post (fuck religion in general, including Islam), that might just offend some people.

I’m fine with that though.

The kind of thing on my mind has nothing to do with that, with being to chickenshit to speak my mind. Oddly enough it’s actually the reverse. Blogging tips are something I’ve steered clear of for a few different reasons: early on, what the fuck qualified me? I was at zero subscribers.

And further down the line I had a few hundred, then a few thousand.

Since I’ve broken past 15,000 that reason no longer holds up. The other is that… it’s not exactly what I wanted to be here for. It bled through anyways, I’d maybe make a suggestion in a post about other shit, or every now and then would suggest shit and that was the post.

Exceptions to my general rule of thumb.

Maybe it shouldn’t be an exception though; my lack of willingness to just write it out and post it cuts down on my overall output. And maybe I don’t want to be known as some sort of fucking blogging “guru” whose main purpose is to advise other people. I wanted this to be all about creation, whether the articulation and clear capture of an opinion (like what you see here).

Well, all about that, and all about what I was doing with my fiction.

Circumstances have kind of changed though; I was burning hot on the writing, had a vivid vision and a vicious desire to get as close to it as possible, as fast as possible. That vision, the aspirations, are still more or less intact. They’re just muted atm here because my heart is flowing elsewhere.

Not instead of writing, but alongside it, and it takes priority.

This passion isn’t dead though, or even sleeping, and not being able to think too much about what I write, or how, or when… that’s always been a boon to me in writing. And given the amount of time and energy other shit takes these days, that’s the only route to go if I want to keep writing.

Especially if I want to ramp this shit back up and start gaining ground on this front again.

Gems for the Reader

If you want reach and engagement, post what you can whenever you can. If intentions or plans are getting in the way and you’re itching to get something done, written, posted, fuck ’em.

Throw away the intentions and the plans and see what happens naturally.

When It Comes To The News…

Bias doesn’t bother me – that’s why I’ve come to prefer Fox over CNN, to give a nice high contrast example. Fox is biased as hell, but a huge swath of their anchors are upfront about their biases. Some of them won’t even call themselves journalists, like O’Reilly before he was forced out, or like Sean Hannity. A lot of their shows use the tagline “fair and balanced” and frankly, that doesn’t require a person to have no biases. It just requires that they be able to cover, listen to, and address other points of view, disputes in facts, and know what the fuck they’re talking about so they can stay on network television without looking like dumb asses.

Contrast that with CNN these days. They don’t even try to hide it anymore; they fucking hate Trump, and you know what? That’s fucking fine, they can hate him all they want. It doesn’t excuse the regularity of their “mistakes” in reporting, it doesn’t excuse spinning a story beyond the realm of what’s factually correct; you can spin something and not be lying; just because someone’s trying to sell you something doesn’t mean what they’re selling is snake oil. If I buy $40 in weed and the guy slinging to me tells me how great his shit is and it turns out to be low quality dog shit, that’s what CNN does right there. If, on the other hand, I drop $40 and I’m told it’s great, and it actually turns out to be phenomenal when I smoke it that’s what Fox does.

So does Breitbart for the most part.

And if you’re left leaning or – worse – if you’re actually insane enough to still support the democratic party and democratic politicians still in power, you’ll probably read that and assume I’m a right wing nut. And you know what, maybe I am these days, who knows. I don’t define myself in those terms though. You’d be right to lump me in with the “new right” of the Republican Party, and it’s a categorization that’ll fit for as long as Trump’s brand of politics defines their brand.

He’s the main reason I’m not registered as an independent. I am, simply an American, and I don’t like the party system or the Republicans in general, but their party platform has had more appeal than the DNC’s platform for a long, long while now. That Trump took their party by storm, emphasized the best of their policies, shrugged off any supposed obligations to over 90% of the shittier ones, made the GOP party the American party. Until the pieces of shit that previously controlled the party regain power and fuck up the already fucked up platform Trump is still in the process of rebuilding for them, I’m staying registered as a Republican.

If my brand of politics, which lines of beautifully with Trump’s brand, remains a force to be reckoned with within the GOP after Trump’s out, maybe I’ll retain the affiliation. We have enough traction now that I am part of what now defines the Republican Party, and here’s a taste of what that means, how much it grates against “traditional” GOP values: I believe in the right to choose (both ways, meaning that while I mostly disagree with pro lifers, I respect their pov); I’m a godless, blasphemous, heretical motherfucker with no real love for any of the world’s religions.

I have a mild (formerly deep) interest in them, but I don’t believe in any of them. I’ll be just as happy to talk shit about Christianity as Islam – you can no longer make this out to be a religious war between extreme Christian fundamentalists (who I oppose) and extreme Islamic terrorists. I am not a part of anyone’s holy war, I just recognize that Christianity, even when it was still more of a threat (in the modern era), was still not as brazenly violent as groups like ISIS.

You can go back in history to times when Christians were a force of violence to be reckoned with and feared, and it’s good that they’ve been neutered imo, but it’s long past time for Islam to be called on its bullshit. It’s not just the radicals, not in Islam and not in Christianity, but radicals are the most dangerous. So continuing to dismantly Christian ideology can fucking wait. They’ve had eight years of a taste of their own medicine anyways, they’re starting to get the picture that you can’t just impose your fucking beliefs on other people the way they like to do.

Can Muslims say the same? I don’t know, but I know I see a lot of attacks, a lot of bodies stacking up, and not much to compare it to when it comes to Christian extremism. And for all the talk about how there’s just shit tons of Muslims in the world and we all need to “respect” (read “bow down to and kiss the ass of and be careful not to offend or question the beliefs of”) their beliefs… with so many millions, how come I almost never hear or see any moderates speaking out?

Why is that always left to others? Is it so they can play the victim?

And look, as far as needing to respect their beliefs… no, I don’t. I don’t respect anyone’s beliefs “just because” and I’m not singling them out in that. I know some people will want to call me islamaphobic, but you can just as easily call me Christian phobic. Not as catchy though, is it. Islamic doctrine is just as stupid (if not more so) than Christian dogma. Fuck ’em both.

Getting back to the point though… you can write someone off for being biased if you want, but that’s not really what I go by. I try to be aware of biases with any given journalist or news source, but what I check on is the accuracy of information covered. The spin is easy enough to look past, even if it’s geared to suck someone exactly like me in, because I see it for what it is.

If the spin emphasizes certain facts but fails to distort the overall subject of coverage, it’s not fake news. It’s biased, but it’s not fake. If the spin emphasizes certain facts, or facts are fabricated for the sake of a narrative (as dozens and dozens of outlets have been doing increasingly for the last couple years), and that eclipses other facts or otherwise distorts the overall subject of coverage…

That’s fake news. Opinions are allowed (especially when you’re offering them as opinions, not trying to sell them as factual, indisputable information) but accuracy matters, is what determines how much worth those opinions have. Watch news on both sides of the partisan divides and you see opinions left and right; the difference is, some opinions are based on factual information and many, many others are built on lies. Lately, and seemingly for the foreseeable future…

Most of the lies are coming from left leaning news outlets.

I say this as an individualist though, and if you think my party affiliation matters that’s your own dumbassery. My individualism defines my party affiliations, and might yet break them again. In fact on a long enough time line that’s inevitable. The GOP without people like me or Trump in it… well, look at the kind of opposition people like Emimen and Marilyn Manson went up against in the 90’s. That used to be the GOP, the right wing of the country. Now I, a huge fan of both those fuckers, an independent minded atheist, and vicious advocate of free speech, am the GOP.

This is the new reality people; like it or hate it, but don’t bother trying to deny it.