Ask me who I am – motherfucking legend.

Look at my reflection. Ain’t no second guessing.

Born to be a legend – a motherfucking legend.

(Snoop Dogg Legend)


Less Than

(Nine Inch Nails Less Than)

Not sure if there was any promotion for this, really, but it popped up in my notifications on youtube the other day out of the blue and I was stoked to see it was a full on new song.

Gods & Monsters

You got that Medicine I Need
Fame, Liquor, Love
Give it to me Slowly

No One’s Gonna Take My Soul Away
I’m living like Jim Morrison
Headed towards a Fucked Up Holiday

This is Heaven, What I Truly Want,
It’s Innocence Lost
Innocence Lost…

(Lana Del Ray Gods & Monsters)

The cover they did on American Horror Story (with Jessica Lange) kicked major ass too.