Power Struggle – SJW’s Are Born 2 Lose

(Sunna Power Struggle)

I will be here when you are gone,
So I have the right to a power gorge,
And I will be good at making bad,
And I’ll light the way for the fucking mad,
I will defeat what I’m heading for,
And I will be here for evermore,
And I am the way of your empty shell,
I want more than I am,

Cause I was made to fly,
I was made to fly,
And you were made to die,
But I was made to fly.

I will survive cause I want more,
And I will create a bigger war,
Then I will rule over and give you hell,
And then you will do as I command,
Cause I will be here when you are gone,
Yeah I’ll still be here when you are gone,
I’ll fill you with fear of a holy sun,
I want all that I am,

Cause I was made to fly,
I was made to fly,
And you were made to die,
And I was made to fly.

I will defeat you.

Manipulate, interrogate, compete all you like,
And dominate with forceful hate,
Cause You know I will defeat you.

You were made to fight,
Yeh you were made to fight,
I was made to fly,
But you were meant to die.

Cause I was made to fly,
I was made to fly,
And you were made to fly,
And I was made to fly.

I don’t usualy copy/paste the entire set of lyrics to any given song I share here, usually just highlights, some of my favorite hooks maybe, but it depends on the song and the current mood. Right now, and with this song and all the memories tied to it for me personally, plus what it means now… well, it just felt kind of right to include these. If you don’t want to listen, skim over the lyrics. It’s a simple song with a simple message, but it’s simplicity is its strength. It’s pure.

I was born to fly. I was born a winner. And if you come up against me you’ll lose. As people get more hateful, I – rather than getting worried or more cautious as some people would hope to be the case – get more confident. Hate is fine where appropriate, and when harnessed sensibly, but not in the form of illegal activities or political violence. When you get to that level of hateful and have abandoned the checks and balances afforded to it by the mind, by the ability to reason, you’re just showing your desperation, your rage at the fact that you’re losing but you don’t know what else to do about the losing but to throw a fit over it. Like a fucking child. Keep melting down SJW’s.

I’m loving every minute of it.

Hate people like me all you want, call us whatever you want, idgaf. I was born to fly.


Kill 4 Me

(Marilyn Manson Kill 4 Me ft. Johnny Depp)

I don’t think it’s debatable at this point: to follow up The Pale Emperor with this album shows he’s getting a handle on his fire again. Not sure if he’ll ever reach or surpass the kind of appeal he had in the 90’s (the religious right is and remains defeated, surviving only as a large chunk of today’s new right, a coalition that developed under Donald Trump and that contains people like me, people these good Christians have to be willing to coexist with, work with, if they want any say and if they want to keep themselves safe from the anti-Christian fascist elements on the left. Elements (e.g. Antifa, SJW’s) that regularly do to Christians what they (usually falsely) accuse the religious right (which is made up of mostly one form of Christianity or another) of doing to adherents of Islam), but his art, interviews, etc. are becoming increasingly coherent and more focused. His heart’s in it in a way it hasn’t been for a while imo, and even though I love what he produced when his commercial success was slipping, enthusiasm makes a difference.


Ask me who I am – motherfucking legend.

Look at my reflection. Ain’t no second guessing.

Born to be a legend – a motherfucking legend.

(Snoop Dogg Legend)

Less Than

(Nine Inch Nails Less Than)

Not sure if there was any promotion for this, really, but it popped up in my notifications on youtube the other day out of the blue and I was stoked to see it was a full on new song.