Halloween (2018) Killed The Competition With Its Debut Pulling in North of $80 Million

Excerpt: “My biggest sticking point, personally, is that this chucks not just the shitty sequels, but the good ones too. The second movie was part 2 of a two part story, the first movie isn’t a complete story without it, and there was nothing wrong with Halloween: 20 Years Later follow up to the 2nd movie. In terms of continuity and capturing the spirit of the original story it met it’s burden and then some. Even Halloween: Resurrection was pretty good, it’s a solid film in its own right and does well in continuing the story from H20.

Sadly that gets chucked too, even though everything I’ve heard about the plot in this new installment could’ve continued the story from there. To me it should have been treated as a franchise with four “cannon” installments: Halloween (Pt. 1), Halloween (Pt. 2), Halloween: 20 Years Later (Pt. 3), and Halloween: Resurrection (Pt. 4). If this newest movie had been included as part five in that list it wouldn’t have tied their hands on any significant part of the story development going forward, and it would be tied to the strongest, best works to come out of the franchise over the years. It could’ve been tied to four of the previous movies, easily, and been part of a longer, stronger, richer story.

The rest of the installments I didn’t mention are fun to watch but they deviate radically from the spirit and established in universe facts about Michael Myers. Removing those from the official story just made too much sense not to do, they were trash movies riding on the coattails of the films that preceded them, but the rest were solid enough to keep.

All to say… I get where Nolte is coming from, the story wouldn’t feel as unfocused with a more defined history as the backdrop imo, and I won’t be surprised if I agree with some of his other points (e.g. “Halloween 2018 is a mess, scattershot, all over the place…”) when I get around to watching it myself, but judging by it’s box office performance those flaws don’t seem to be a deal breaker for audiences across the country, or across the globe.

Tickets are selling, people are watching, and so far it seems to be mostly well received by audiences and critics. On the infamous Rotten Tomatoes website the rating currently sits at 79% with ‘approved tomatometer critics’ and has an audience score of 76%. Pretty solid numbers, all things considered, so I’d like to see it sooner rather than later. The more I hear about it the more I want to see it for myself, see if it’s over-hyped or not, see if it’s as unfocused as Nolte believes it is, see if it’s truly a worthy continuation or not.

What worries me most is the possibility that he’s right when he says Michael’s looming presence is undermined by the sprawling, expanded geography, the many locations they bounce around throughout the film, and with the number of characters being focused on. If that does actually diminish the atmosphere of the movie and lessen the sense of Michael Myers looming on the peripheral even when he’s not the focus, I will end up being disappointed with the story overall.

That element is key to the spirit of the story, imo.”

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Despite mixed reviews – which I’ll get into momentarily – John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis both returned to a franchise they spawned in 1978 and the results are in.

Not a bad haul for their first weekend; John Nolte at Breitbart News didn’t care for it and said so in the review he wrote a few days ago but the amount of money the film pulled in is big enough to make it the biggest October horror opening ever. That’s a success.

…via Breitbart:

The latest installment in the Halloween franchise smashed box office expectations this weekend with an impressive $80.5 million, resoundingly beating the likes of Venom and First Man. 

Weekend estimates for Halloween indicate a total of $80.5 million gross from Thursday to Saturday, making…

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3 Reasons ‘Medicare 4 All’ Won’t Work

“There’s a reason Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, and their shills in Congress shy away from this whenever possible. How do you like the sound of doubling or tripling your current taxes? Under the current tax rates most of our population doesn’t even have to pay income tax because of their low income level; how would you like that 0% tax rate to jump to 10% or 20% despite your low income? Sound good? Dumb as they are, even Pelosi and company can see this will do nothing for the Democrats if they make any serious effort to pursue it except piss people off.

Republicans aren’t without ideas on how to confront this issue either, they’ve already managed to halt the skyrocketing premiums Obamacare has come to be known for by undermining the healthcare law in the ‘Tax Cuts & Jobs Act’, and have jammed a few alternative options into the mix to give people more choices in the coverage available and the pricing. And now, for the first time since Obamacare was passed, premiums aren’t just stagnant, in some places they’re going to be dropping. Erase the state lines, force insurance companies to truly compete with each other, and prices will continue to go down, thereby making insurance coverage more affordable.

At lower prices, poorer and poorer folks will gain access to increasingly better, more comprehensive coverage. Allow the Republicans under Trump’s leadership to tackle this on their own terms, without having to cow-tow or work through obstructionist Democrats, and you’ll see an increase in affordability, accessibility, and quality. The key is competition in a free market.”

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Though more an attempt at branding than actual policy, several of the hard left members of today’s Democrat party – Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Gillum, Kevin De Leon, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and others – have embraced it as a way of distinguishing themselves from the corporatists currently controlling the party. Problem is, it won’t work.

…via Breitbart:

1. It failed in Vermont, Bernie Sanders’s home state. That’s right — the guy running around promoting “Medicare for All” could not make it work in his own little state: it was far too expensive, and too complicated. The idea failed to pass in California for the same reason: it would have cost more than twice the annual budget. A recent study showed “Medicare for All” would cost $38 trillion over the first 10 years — again, twice the current federal budget.

2. You think you’re getting “Medicare,” but you’d…

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What Democrats Unintentionally Revealed About Themselves In Their Witch Hunt Against Kavanaugh

I wrote this before the mid-terms were over but it still applies to 2020.

Excerpt: “When [the FBI] act on behalf of the DNC their reward is to be thrown under the bus, and when they act as they’re supposed to, legally and free of corruption, they get vilified; for they seem to finally be figuring out that acting as the DNC’s attack dogs is a lose-lose deal for them. How long did establishment pieces of shit like Feinstein think they were going to keep watching their back with that kind of arrangement? Part of the reason might be the cleaning up within the FBI, the new leadership there, but even if they were all still corrupt shills for the DC elites – like Comey – why would the FBI remain part of such an arrangement when they get fucked every time, no matter the outcome, and get nothing out of it for themselves or even for the agency as a whole in return? Why would they want to allow Democrats to use them as a perpetual scapegoat?

The worm is turning and people are wise to the game Democrats have been playing.

So to recap all of that, the sum total of what they’ve revealed about themselves throughout the Kavanaugh hearings and all subsequent campaigning after failing to stop his confirmation is pretty simple. And, from where I stand, extremely disturbing. Democrats see rape victims as political tools to be used for their own gain, and they don’t actually care about the victim. As evidenced with Christine Ford, they don’t even care whether the allegations are true or provably false. It doesn’t matter in the least to them, the allegations and whoever makes them are just a means to attaining their objective: more seats in Congress, more votes, more political power.

They see federal agencies like the FBI (ref. the non-investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the illegal e-mail server, the Benghazi tragedy, the mobilizing against, illegally investigating, and spying on the Trump campaign, etc.), the IRS (ref. how they were weaponized against conservative groups and organizations by the Obama administration), and even the CIA (ref. their involvement in the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax, the phony Steel dossier, the systemic leaking their agency did throughout the first year and a half of the Trump presidency in attempts to undermine the duly elected President of the United States, etc.) as their personal attack dogs, and these agencies have provably, demonstrably acted as exactly that for years.

And they see individual rights as a meaningless obstruction to be removed if they happen to apply (and therefore protect) anyone they’ve decided to target. Kavanaugh was the latest example, but one of the most powerful examples worth pointing to goes back to their weaponization of the FBI and CIA against the Trump campaign and, later, the Trump administration; in doing that they tried to subvert Donald Trump’s right to due process and to the presumption of innocence, along with the rights of several members of his campaign who, by the way, have since been virtually exonerated. He and his campaign team were not the first.

Keep electing Democrats – especially now, when they’re so brazen in their efforts and desperate to regain power – and they’ll be far from the last. Every vote they receive after these earth shaking revelations of corruption, lies, and lynchings gives them confidence, makes them feel justified, and bolsters their resolve to carry on with their deranged agenda and ‘search and destroy’ tactics. So if you want to encourage more of the kind of behavior they’ve displayed over the last 3 or 4 years then by all means, vote Democrat. If you don’t, I’d say vote Republican.”

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Through the savage, merciless smear campaign conducted against Judge Kavanaugh, several core beliefs and habitual tactics of the Democrat Party came into much clearer focus. Namely: the strange and arguably damning pattern of weaponizing generally baseless allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, or even outright rape; the disregard for individual rights where and when they obstruct Democrats’ pursuit of political power; and their telling fallback to the FBI, an agency they’ve come to think of more as a weapon to further their own parties interests and kneecap political opponents.

  • Weaponized Sexual Allegations That Don’t To Hold Up To Scrutiny

Christine Blasey Ford is only the latest in a long, long line of sexual accusations aimed at Republicans, and indeed at anyone who effectively stands against Democrat policies. One of the more notable examples was actually quite a ways back, and it failed; Anita Hill was used as a weapon by Democrats…

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Street Artist Sabo Strikes Again, Hits Maxine Waters & “Uncivil” Democrats

“I don’t have much to say on this one. Only thing that comes to mind is to say “well done” because this shit hit the mark. The establishment is what we fight against, and those on the right will be next in 2020 and 2022, but this year we need to be honest with ourselves: the establishment is best embodied by the Democrats, still has control over their party, and are still acting like authoritarians towards anyone who dares disagree with their policies or fascist agenda. We are the counter culture and we have to fight. Sabo uses art, I use commentary.

Milo Yiannopolous uses provocation as an art form. So did Marilyn Manson. You don’t have to be involved on the same level as activists; maybe you’re not interested in writing commentary or repurposing billboards and movie posters, maybe you’re not looking to become a polarizing public figure or a rock star, but if nothing else, use your vote. Help the ‘America 1st’ coalition of voters continue our takeover of the Republican Party by removing Democrat obstructionism this year and placing the pressure exclusively on them. With that achieved we can start picking off the establishment shills still present in the GOP in the next two election cycles. Priorities matter.

Both parties are infused with corruption, dragged down by career politicians looking to protect their power, status, and level of income, but we the people gained a foothold in the GOP through the election of Donald Trump. That never happened on the Democrat side of things; much as I oppose socialism and would’ve stood against it, Bernie was cheated out of his shot, it should have been him against Trump. Instead, sadly, Clinton bought the nomination. Corrupt as the GOP can sometimes be they never thought to that; they tried bringing Trump down, tried boosting his opponents, but they didn’t outright rig the primary election. Clinton and the DNC did.

And they’re still acting like the fact that they lost the 2016 election is proof that it was rigged. It was, but not by Trump. They cheated as much as they thought they could get away with (and then some) and they still lost. That’s the power of the people, the power of voting, and even the most corrupt, rotten party in the history of our country being led by the most corrupt candidate in our history couldn’t beat our votes. They still can’t believe that, and the only way to convince them is to make sure they lose. They need to be shown that no, it wasn’t a fluke, and yes, if they stick to the behaviors and policies that lost them the 2016 election they’ll lose again in 2018.

Otherwise they’ll just keep going, they’ll remain as corrupt they are now and then they’ll get worse. If the Democrats win this year then by the time 2020 rolls around mindless riots will be a daily occurrence, will become more widespread, and will be more openly embraced by the DNC and its representatives than they already are. Give them that kind of confidence in the direction they’ve chosen and they’re bound to finally officially and openly acknowledge Antifa is the militant branch of their party, the new KKK, the new Browshirts. They already are, but most politicians with a “D” next to their name refuse to admit it, and refuse to condemn it.

Empower this kind of madness at your own peril. Or, vote for Republicans.

Just because they think historical norms give them the edge doesn’t mean we can’t defy history same as we did in 2016. Trump was opposed by the Republican establishment just as much as the Democrat establishment, if not more so, and we beat both parties. In that scenario we had to beat the Republicans first and win the nomination; then we had to take on the Democrats in the general. Draining the swamp follows the same formula, the only real difference is the timeline, and who we go at first. We have to take on the Democrats in 2018 first, then the Republican establishment in 2020 and 2022. That’s how you clean up the corruption in DC.”

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…via Breitbart:

Los Angeles-based street artist Sabo targeted Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters and “uncivil” Democrats by placing a print of Waters’ face over Michael Meyers’ on posters for the newly released Halloween movie.

Sabo has made headlines over the years creating street art pointing out the hypocrisy of powerful political and entertainment elites and posting pointed artwork around the Los Angeles area. His latest piece puts Maxine Waters on blast for incivility toward Republicans.

Waters told a crowd to publicly harass members of the Trump administration in public.

“If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. You push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!” she said.

Breitbart News has collected a list of hundreds of incidents of violence and harassment directed at Trump supporters. This has…

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Site Update: Expanding Scope Of Coverage Beyond The Realm Of Politics

“Those interested in becoming Patron’s can check out the reward tiers on Patreon. If you’d like to have your material featured here – whether it’s YouTube videos, opinionated written commentary, promotional posts for your own website, or whatever else – it might be worth taking a peek at what I’m offering. The reward tiers aren’t set in stone either.

Where and when I can, I’m more than happy to modify and improve them based on feedback, and am more than happy to work with any subscribers who want to market their views and their platform to other readers here at Sutter Media. The only rub is, my work isn’t worth nothing.

The following I’ve managed to garner on this site and on social media isn’t worth nothing.

Meaning you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours – otherwise my time is better spent on my own content, produced exclusively for my own reasons. I’m a capitalist, not a beggar, so if you don’t see value in what I’m doing here then I don’t want your money. If you do see value in it though, have some integrity and give me however much (or little) you think I’m worth. Fair?

As little as $1 as as much as $100, the level of support is entirely up to you.”

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…via Patreon:

Once upon a time, I wrote mainly on a blog and what I wrote about was determined in the moment, nothing off limits, anything up for grabs. In that time I came back to the entertainment industry more times than I can count, and my fascination with the art world (even as it exists in Hollywood, in the film and television industry) has endured since then.

I’ve been holding off on bringing that back to the table for a while because I’ve been so wrapped up in politics these days, but with how loud mouthed celebrities are about politics themselves these days I’m covering their shit on the periphery half the time anyways and since it’s something I actually enjoy writing about it feels like I’m constantly being teased by the subject matter. I’ve finally decided to do coverage on it because of that (lol nobody likes…

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