So I Got A Smartphone…

When I got this phone I figured I’d be doing more post on the site, more social media, and I really thought have spent more time at at least one other site I told someone I’d be at. In spite of the easy access to the internet though, I haven’t been doing much but sharing news articles I’ve read and sharing some of the stuff I’ve been following on Twitter. I don’t know though, I just seem to keep putting things off.

There are any number of reasons I could name. I could run through a whole list and probably never run out of line items but I think that would be kind of pointless. I’d rather just changed course and let that speak for itself. So here I am trying to write a post on a smartphone, trying to get used to this new format. And at this particular point in time I’m trying out the tap to talk feature. Good practice for doing audio shows on Soundcloud or something I guess.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to, that and making more money but that kind of deserves its own post so I’ll leave it at that for the moment. No promises, but hopefully anyone following this site can look forward to more posts here over the next few days and weeks.


Sutter Press: #FreeSpeechMatters

A ways back I started a little networking project to try increasing exposure for fellow writers, writers of any skill level. I wanted to create a hub where they could all showcase their content and build upon each others readership, whatever the nature of their content.

The idea of no limits you find here was at the root of what I wanted to do there, too.

Over time I mostly lost interest and, eventually, so did the contributors who signed up. It’s been dead in the water for some time, abandoned. I’d thought about retooling this site, where you’re at right now, to be more politically oriented beyond my sporadic political posts but, I want to preserve the purpose of this site as a place for me to shoot my mouth off on whatever the fuck I feel like. Anything. Art, love, life, drugs, artists, the entertainment industry, hell, an episode of a television show if I felt like talking about it. Whatever. I want that to still apply here.

Then I remembered the abandoned networking project, Sutter Press.

Here’s the original about page, soon to be revised:

The aim of Sutter Press is to invite writers, amateur and seasoned alike, to share their every day musings, political commentary, fictional stories, poetry, and any other materials belonging to them. We’re looking to build a cross-promotional networking empire. In terms of genres and categories, readers can expect anything and everything. The limits on the range of topics covered are set only by the imaginations and interests of our authors. Diverse and opposing content, independence, is considered an asset to what we are aiming to achieve here.

Given the autonomy that’s at the heart of S.P., it should go without saying that all opinions, poems, stories, and so on belong solely to the authors that create and present them. What’s more, contributors are free to publish material already featured elsewhere – especially if it originates from their own sites – and to share it elsewhere, even their content originates here. Newcomers are welcome and the door is currently wide open. Anyone interested in becoming a contributor need only leave a comment on the Sign Up page.

The aim of it actually hasn’t  changed that much, the revisions will be minor. The difference between the original intent and the present day vision I have for it is, a narrowing of the same free for all attitude narrowed to the field of politics and news items. Not journalism either.

What I want is for people who have pro-American views to sign up if at all interested, whether they’ve tried their hand at the writing game or not. I want America 1st folks; whether they’re aggressively critical of the President or they gush all over him or fall somewhere in between, I’m interested in finding contributors who ultimately support Donald Trump.

A sample of one of the first posts written under the new direction I’m taking this in:

Would love to have contributors, pro-American, opinionated. This will not be “journalism” this will be opinions, analysis, and commentary. Feel free to let me know if you’re interested in adding YOUR voice to the mix. If any past contributors who were a part of the original version of this site would lik eto join in, you’re more than welcome. This is not going to be a free for all. Generally speaking I’d like to see fellow Trump supporters – whether they’re aggressively critical of his behavior, gushing with love for the Pres, or somewhere in between I’m looking for folks who are ultimately pro-Trump.

If you fit that bill, say so in the comments and message me your e-mail on Facebook, on my personal page ( or on the page for Sutter Press ( I’ll receive the message either way and invite you via wordpress with the e-mail address provided to me.

Never Trumpers and folks who are interested in nothing more than shit talking about the guy or his policies, are not welcome as contributors. You’re free to say ANYTHING you want in the comments, those will never be censored (the core concept of this new direction if that Free Speech Matters). I’m looking to build a biased publication; honest and accurate when citing events, information, statistics, etc, but definitively pro-American and pro-America 1st.

Mistakes will be forgiven so long as they’re corrected.

Habitual lying and distortions, even if they’re well intentioned, won’t be tolerated. Any contributors who engage in that behavior deliberately will simply be removed. I’m not interested in unbiased journalism, but I’m just as uninterested in working with liars and propagandists. Do not bullshit the readers if you sign up to contribute to this.

That’s all I’ve got to say; if you believe free speech matters and this sounds like it would be something you’re into, hit me up where on Facebook or in the comments.

This bit applies here as much as on Sutter Press itself; if you’re at all interested in contributing and you fall into what I’m looking for, if you more or less share my views and ultimately support the President’s policies and efforts towards enacting them, if you have any interest in commentating on any of the shit storms that that usually entails, I’d highly recommend jumping into the mix.

The central concepts I’m going to emphasize: individualism and free speech, two characteristics that go a long, long way in defining the New Right, as I’ve called it a few times in the past.

What Happened!?

Clinton’s book isn’t out yet and tbh, I’d just as soon not waste my money on it but… well, it promises to be comedy gold and I kind of want a copy, if only to quote and mock at my leisure.
In luei of the book itself though, and on the basis of the excerpts given to the public so far (as well as the entirety of her career), I’d like to give a one sentence review of her character.

Hillary Clinton is fucking pathetic.

That’s it. That’s all it boils down to. I mean look at the excerpt about the 2nd general election debate: Trump supposedly invaded her space (and not the other way around), he was trying to knock her off balance (and not the other way around).

Fucking liar, and she doesn’t seem to realize there’s footage of it.

Read her account, or listen to it, then go on youtube and watch the fucking debate for yourself. Watch and see who’s invading who’s space, watch and see who was trying to disrupt who.

The footage is out there and the footage doesn’t lie.

In fact, maybe I ought to just embed it in a post and publish it here. Pretty easy to look up on youtube though. Also not a new tactic (ref. the debate she was in with a political opponent in 2000, where he walked over to her with a piece of paper to prove a point and she and her campaign proceeded to characterize it as “overly aggressive” and, ultimately, “misogynistic”).

I mean talk about a one trick pony.