DACA: Trump’s Terms Are Reasonable, Democrats Caught Between Rock & A Hard Place

The more informed the public becomes, the more untenable the Democrats position becomes. Sadly for the Democrats, it’s becoming more and more clear to us (and harder to deny for them) that they’re just using various demographics and perpetuating the problems they repeatedly promise to address, and not just with DACA. Also with African Americans, Hispanics, Women, members of the LGBT community, classical Liberals, the elderly, the disabled…

No joke, just look at the way they used Gabby Giffords (again) immediately after the Parkland shooting, and look at how they exploited the dozens of traumatized children from that school in the days following the Valentine’s Day shooting. You might disagree with my conclusions but I’m hardly making shit up, those CHILDREN were all over television pushing nonsensical, ineffective anti-gun policies that will do nothing to address the problem of school shootings if passed and implemented. Democrats don’t help.

What they do, is they try to ensure there’s always *something* for their target demographics to be helped with; is it really much of a stretch to think that corrupt, bought and paid for career politicians would create or worsen problems so they can come along and act the part of a “savior” willing to fight for us? More and more these days (and not JUST with Democrats, but ESPECIALLY with them) that seems to be more likely than not. They’d rather have repetitive problems to campaign on fixing than to actually fix them once in power. The proof is in the last eight years. Democrats started with full control, not unlike the GOP did this time around; that’s how they passed Obamacare, in case everyone forgot. They had the senate, the house, and the Presidency. Over that eight years they lost congress (for lack of delivery on their promises), and Obama was succeeded by Donald Trump, not Clinton, for the same reason.

If anyone in power on the left had wanted to fix the things they’re whining about now, and trying to blame Trump for, they could have. They didn’t. If you’re a voter that supports Democrats, or that’s actually STILL registered as a Democrat, you’re going to have to account for that somehow. If not, I don’t see how you justify voting for them or the representatives they give you. Nancy Pelosi or Schumer really represent you well, or are you just sticking with them out of (blind) party loyalty or (blind) hatred for the other party?

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President Trump has expressed a clear willingness to work something out for the current DACA recipients (over 800,000 foreigners), but only on the condition that chain migration end, the visa lottery end, and the border wall gets funded. If they so no to that, no deal.

…via The Washington Free Beacon:

On ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Cotton if there was a way for the two parties to come to a solution on what the fate would be of DACA immigrants and at the same time satisfying President Donald Trump’s push for a wall at the southern border.

Cotton said the president and Congress have been working on a compromise piece of legislation for the past four months in an effort to address both important issues.

He talked about the “unheralded” accomplishments of the Trump administration so far by growing the economy in part by keeping low-skilled…

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Milo Yiannopoulos on Lawsuit Against ‘Simon & Schuster’: “I’m Going to Be Representing Myself”

I’d highly recommend buying the book he’s suing Simon & Schuster over.

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…via The Milo Show:

In his suit against the publishing company that dropped him right before his book was set to drop, he will now be representing himself. He can explain it for himself in a fairly straightforward manner but in a nutshell, it was ruled that only his lawyers – and not he himself – could view certain information upon discovery. His lawyers could advice him on the contents but couldn’t tell him what those contents were. Now, he’s the ‘lawyer’.

This is a bid to be able to see the documentation he’s entitled to see, as these e-mail chains, behind the scenes conversations, decision making, etc. are what he says will clearly prove that Simon & Schuster violated their contract with him as an author.

He dropped this news on his new show today, The Milo Show, which apparently is going to be a daily show for…

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Newsflash: Consensus Is Not A Valid Substitute 4 Critical Thinking

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Always rely on your own individual judgement, not the judgement of a collective.

The mob CAN be wrong, and sometimes there’s not much of a mob at all. Sometimes, it’s just made to look like a consensus by pollsters tweaking the data. The internet has become the ultimate leveling of the playing field in that it undermines mainstream media (and is able to do so because of MSM’s deceptive practices and fake news), it reminds people that you shouldn’t just believe things “because so-and-so says so”.

It forces them to think for themselves. Or to admit that they don’t want to.

Some people honestly don’t, they don’t want to be bothered, but if that’s the case… in an environment like this, in the age of the internet, folks like that can no longer get away with pretending they go by their own judgement. Media platforms are going to far out from…

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Site Update: 1st Episode of New ‘Hazardous Broadcasts’ Show on Soundcloud

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…via Sutter Media:

Brief Description of an Already Brief Show: Intro, inspirations, intent.

As I said in the show this is my 1st go with the soundcloud platform. It’s user friendly and I like the simple format, especially on the phone app. Easy to use. Kind of liked doing this one, short as it was, so will probably be doing more in the near future.

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