1st Year of Trump’s Approach to Warfare: ISIS Has Been Decimated


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Fox News has been reporting since a few days ago that ISIS has now lost approaximately 98% of the middle eastern territory they held. Their fighters have been nearly wiped out:

The caliphate they had built – legitimizing their movement through physical conquest and holding the territory they gained – is in ruins, depriving them of a critical basis for propaganda (fulfillment of a religious prophecy) and recruitment (tangible land, people, and governments under their control, sanctuary for fighters and radical believers, etc.).

landscape-1492196803-foxnewsObama didn’t know what the fuck to do about them. Trump, unshackled the military and let them perform the nasty function they exist for. That’s all it took. Now ISIS isn’t much different than Al Qaeda; without territory, without reliable sanctuary, hunted and on the run.

Pretty high contrast, if you ask me, and to give you an idea of how much of a contrast, here’s what…

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Push Polls: Who Do They Matter To?

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If I’m not mistaken, that’s about the same as President Obama’s approval rating around this time in his 1st term but setting that aside, let’s pretend it was higher than Trump’s.

Either way you prefer to look at it, here’s an honest question for you: who do these push-polls matter to? Do you care what Trump’s rating is with Rasmussen? Do you care what his approval rating is according to POLITICO? Do you really care what mainstream media approves of? To be honest, I don’t give much of a fuck about what media platforms like that, or Fox News, Breitbart, etc. rate him at either, though their respective audiences are more aligned with his overall base of (pro-American) support.

Remember, 62,000,000+ votes.

Those audiences can be a strong indicator but he also drew a lot of support from Independents and former Democrats (like me and my grandfather), among others…

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Debating Radical Islam

The modern left – Democrat voters, politicians, Hollywood stars, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc. – all seem to operate on a double standard when it comes to religion. Bash the Christians every chance you get and forgive every form of discrimination coming out of the doctrine of Islam. Many atheists, scientists, and other high profile independent thinkers stubbornly cling to the left side of politics despite this double standard, engaging in it themselves.

Neither are as bad as they’re often made out to be, but one’s been getting hit with criticism for years: Christianity. That’s a big part of why the GOP and the right as a whole lost their shit in the 90’s and post-2000 era. Christian fundamentalism is no longer the force it once was, it exists and has a voice on the right but it doesn’t – and will hopefully never again – dominate or call the shots anymore. They’re just (still) bashed as if they do. And not all Muslims are as bad as a true Islamaphobe would say, but radicals and extremists (as they once did in Christianity, in the very near past) are the dominant force in Islam and without reforms, it (and it’s radical practitioners) will remain every bit as bad as the worst of the Christian fundamentalists we overcame in the 90’s.

It’s just as okay to criticize (or joke about) Islam as it is to criticize (or joke about) Christianity or any other religion. Muslims might not like that atm but beliueve me, Christians didn’t like it either. We told them tough shit, mind your boundary lines and mind MY rights. Now, we need to be sure to do the same with Muslims and the Islamic faith. It might not be politically correct or comfortable but, have some fucking integrity. Be a little consistent. Especially if your an atheist or secularist.

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I don’t agree with everything Sam Harris says these days, particularly on Trump, but between him & Maher – who I’m also a fan of & who I also disagree with a lot lately – this is fucking gold right here:

This is, in many ways, a reality check for the Affleck’s of the world; if you’re interested in more, these are couple follow-ups worth checking out:

  • The Rubin Report – Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate
    • The Last Word – Harris discusses debate w/ Affleck & his opinions on the subject of Islam.

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Fox News Adopts Breitbart Tactics, Beefing Up Online Presence & Strategy

What’s going on with the shift at Fox News is really pretty simple: capitalism in action.

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…via Breitbart:

Jason Schwartz writes at Politico that Fox News is ramping-up its website to try to better compete in the arena of online news.

…via Politico (and quoted @ Breitbart):

A website that had been more closely identified with Shepard Smith’s brand of reporting has now moved closer to the mold of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, according to former staff members. “The approach has gone much more the way the prime-time programming works,” said one, “where it feels more agenda or opinion driven, or combative.”

According to Noah Kotch, who took over six months ago as Fox News digital editor in chief and vice president, his staff has grown to more than 100 full-time staffers, an increase of about 45 percent in the past year. The ramp-up signals that digital is now a major priority for Rupert Murdoch’s news outlet, Kotch said, adding that there…

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Watch: Say Goodbye To 2017 – The Ben Shapiro Show (Ep. 443)

Regarding the UN’s vote against us over moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the actual capital of Israel: “American sovereignty has been threatened several times throughout our (relatively short) history but it has never been taken or fully corrupted, nor will it be surrendered anytime soon. President Trump and his appointed U.N. representative, Nikki Haley, demonstrated that not just to the American people they serve but to the world at large. Americans are done being taken advantage of, and now everyone knows it.”

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…via Ben Shapiro:

Reminder to those who demonize corporations and businesses: those are all owned by individuals. The individual, as Ayn Rand (accurately) observed, is the smallest minority. Individual rights – and therefore property rights, including corporations – matter.

Protecting them is fundamental to American culture, to the values we asserted as important when we founded our country (ref. the Constitution), and to who we are as a nation. It represents the American conceptualization of how to achieve and keep freedom, and I would argue that’s one of our greatest contributions to the rest of the world. To have made ourselves a sometimes flawed but always blaring example of what a free society looks like, other nations are free to learn from, criticize, or build on our example. They can do all of these things and more; they just aren’t allowed to dictate.

American sovereignty has been threatened…

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